Analysis of Criminal Activity

Fort Worth, Texas — Dallas, Texas

Allegations and charges of criminal activity can derail all varieties of immigration proceedings. Charges ranging from DUI to homicide can alert immigration officials and other government agencies, leading to "ICE hold" status whereby alleged offenders are passed to immigration officials after trials, hearings and other proceedings.

The Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, immigration law firm of Chavez & Valko works with both immigrants and criminal defense attorneys working with immigrants:

  • As an immigrant, you could lose everything if you have been charged with a crime in the U.S. An experienced immigration attorney can protect your rights in court, keep your record clean and help you stay in the U. S.
  • As a criminal defense attorney, you can help your clients facing possible deportation by working with an experienced immigration lawyer.

If you are an immigrant accused of a crime, or are a criminal attorney with questions regarding immigration law, we can help. We have helped dozens of individuals and lawyers fight for immigration rights.

Do you have questions regarding immigration consequences of criminal activity? Are you an attorney who has a foreign national client and is concerned about immigration consequences of the client's activities? Contact Chavez & Valko for experienced legal help. Call 214-251-8011 (Dallas area), 817-332-1100 (Fort Worth area)

In situations involving immigration and criminal activity, the time to obtain legal assistance is now, before a possible conviction. We have negotiated plea agreements and successfully fought in court for the rights of numerous immigrants facing criminal charges, jail time and deportation. Legal remedies we have obtained for clients include:

  • Cancellation of removal
  • Section 212(c) relief
  • Political asylum
  • Adjustment of status

Our attorney team has presented the CLE seminar "Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity," is a liaison to the Department of Homeland Security, and can help you and help your client.

In a recent case, our internationally renowned client from Australia was accused of several vehicular homicides which occurred during a charity fundraiser. We closely worked with his criminal defense attorney to negotiate a lesser plea to avoid jail time.