Dallas Immigration Court Trial Attorney Schedule (EOIR)

Chief Counsel Attorney Schedule for the Dallas Immigration Court

Duty - Duty Attorney at 125 E. John Carpenter (provides legal support for agents and officers with HSI and CBP)
Duty-ERO - Duty Attorney at 8101 N. Stemmons (provides legal support for ERO officers)
AWS - Alternative Work Schedule (day off)
(d) - Haskell detained master hearing
(m) - Non-detained master hearing
(jcj) - Johnson County detained master hearing
(okc) - OKC non-detained master hearing
(okt) - Tulsa detained master hearings
(swk) - Juvenile docket
[TW] - Telework
* - ACC following case

On the request of the OCC, please refer to the www.aila.org for the upcoming court calendars.