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Dallas and Fort Worth I-601 and I-212 Waiver of Inadmissibility Lawyers

United States immigration law prohibits individuals under several circumstances from entering the country. Circumstances that can lead to inadmissibility include:

  • Criminal activities
  • Prior deportation orders
  • Public dependency issues
  • Health-related grounds, hepatitis C and tuberculosis
  • Illegal entry into the U.S. and immigration violations, including misrepresentation

Please click here for the proposed I-601A Provisional or Stateside Waiver for Unlawful Presence.

In certain cases, the law provides "inadmissible" individuals the opportunity to request a waiver regarding their inadmissible status. The waiver and a subsequent visa may be granted if specific requirements related to inadmissibility are met.

If the federal government has denied your visa application due to alleged criminal activity, health issues or immigration violations, the immigration law firm of Chavez & Valko can help. From offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, we have successfully obtained Waivers of Inadmissibility and visas for numerous clients locally and throughout the country.

Do you have questions regarding the denial of your visa request and Waiver of Inadmissibility? Contact Chavez & Valko at 214-251-8011 (Dallas area), 817-332-1100 (Fort Worth area).

Often, the government flags activity and background information as grounds for inadmissibility then allows admission when evidence is presented. The government may look at information pertaining to:

  • The risk (or lack of risk) of harm to society if the applicant is admitted
  • The seriousness of the applicant’s immigration law violation
  • The nature of the reasons for wishing to enter the United States

We have successfully obtained Waivers of Inadmissibility for previous denials relating to marijuana, domestic altercations, and minor and unintentional immigration law violations. Where others simply give up, we will not. Our goal is to help each of our clients live and remain in the U.S. We have taught seminars to other attorneys regarding waivers of inadmissibility as well as immigration consequences from criminal activity.

I-601 or I-212 Waivers of Inadmissibility Client Testimonials

  • "We are extremely thankful to immigration attorney Mr. Martin Valko of Chavez & Valko LLP for their professionalism, knowledge, care and dedication in my husband's immigration process to obtain his permanent residency. Before hiring Chavez & Valko Immigration Law Firm, we had hired another local law firm that was not knowledgeable with the I-601 Waiver process which caused us loss of money, time, suffering, a separation of 21 months. Our first waiver prepared by the other lawyer was then denied. We are so grateful that we hired Mr. Valko and his firm to handle my husband's new waiver and to obtain his residency with an excellent I-601 waiver packet. Thank you for reuniting my husband and me after this long process!"
    - Cristina & Omar A., Dallas, TX (Approval of I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility in Cd. Juarez, Mexico)
    Estamos extremadamente agradecidos con el abogado de inmigración, Sr. Martin Valko de Chávez & Valko LLP por su profesionalidad, conocimiento, cariño y dedicación en el proceso de inmigración de mi marido para obtener su residencia permanente. Antes de contratar a los Abogados de Inmigración Chávez & Valko, habíamos contratado a otra firma local de abogados que no estaban bien informado con el proceso del I-601 Waiver; el cual nos causó la pérdida de dinero, tiempo, sufrimiento, y una separación de 21 meses. Nuestro primer waiver preparado por el otro abogado fue negado. Estamos muy agradecidos de haber contratado al Sr. Valko y su empresa para que hiciera un nuevo waiver para mi marido y así obtuvimos su residencia por medio de un excelente paquete de I-601 waiver. Gracias por reunir a mi marido ya mí después de este largo proceso! Dallas, TX (Aprobado I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility en Ciudad Juárez, México)

  • We spent nine years being told that nothing should be done. After immigration attorney Martin Valko reopened our case, we now have our permanent residency. Chavez & Valko achieved our dream.
    Despues de escuchar por nueve anos que no hicieramos nada, abogado de inmigración Martin Valko abrieron nuestro caso y hemos recibido la residencia permanente que hemos buscado por tantos anos. Chavez & Valko hizo realidad nuestro sueno."
    - Jacovo & Graciela V., Little Elm, TX (Motion to Reopen with adjustment of status or "green card" under section 245(i)). Spanish

  • "Dear Mr. Chavez, I would like to express my sincerest thank you to you and your staff for all the time and patience you spent on my husband's case. While it was a long journey and a complicated case, you worked tirelessly coming up with new and innovative ideas for him to receive his permanent residence. We never doubted that with your knowledge and persistence, we would receive it. We are beyond ecstatic to finally have it and look forward to the benefits, such as traveling, that come with it. While I have already recommended your services to others, I will continue to do so and look forward to working with you should the occasion arise. Thank you again for all your hard work and we hope to keep in touch."
    - Melanie and Franklin Vasquez, Justin, TX (Temporary Protected Status or TPS, I-212 Waiver, I-131 Advance Parole, and Adjustment of Status)

  • "Their professional work definitely exceeded my expectations!!! I was extremely impressed with how well they prepared my husband's waiver!
    I had the good fortune of finding Mr. Valko and his staff in my path when I was so discouraged and overwhelmed with my husband's immigration process. I was referred to Chavez and Valko through a good friend of mine. After 17 months of waiting my husband's second visa interview was denied. We had gone with a "notario", a public notary, who had previously worked for Catholic Charities and assured us that he knew how to fill out the forms and prepare the waiver my husband would need if his visa was denied.

    However, his work was sloppy, careless and unprofessional; consequently the first waiver was denied. The forms were filled out properly but the waiver was nothing more than a two-page letter I wrote trying to explain why my husband should be allowed re-entry into the United States to be with my children and I and a few other letters from close relatives and a couple of friends.

    I was surprised to meet with Mr. Valko on the first interview. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. Mr. Valko explained to me how little work and effort had been put into my husband's previous waiver. He immediately began to analyze my situation and took notes about my current circumstances and started to list many factors I could use in my husband's I-601 waiver in order to prove the extreme hardships required by immigration. He also explained the importance of having a well-prepared waiver in order for it to be approved on the spot.

    Mr. Valko, guided me through the entire process. They gave me a checklist of evidence I needed to collect and guided me in the process of writing my essay in order to explain with detail the different hardships I was undergoing due to the absence of my husband. We communicated back and forth through e-mail, phone calls and meetings.

    They reviewed all the documents I had and prepared and amazing waiver. I was surprised to see the end result. The waiver was about 3 inches thick and it was put together very professionally. After 4 months of hard work my husband went for his second waiver interview. IT WAS APPROVED ON THE SPOT!!! Mr. Valko called me personally to give me the great news. I could not believe it. After almost two years of waiting I knew my husband was coming home. My children were going to have their dad and we would be a family again. On June 4 th 2010, my husband arrived at the Dallas Love Field Airport.

    Humbly and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Mr. Valko and all the staff at Chavez and Valko for all the hard work they put into my husband's waiver. I want to thank them for allowing us the opportunity to be a family again and for bringing their dad back to my children. God bless them and their loved ones. Once again from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, and thank you! I will always recommend them; they are a very trustworthy law firm."
    - Jose R., Garland, TX (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility at Cd. Juarez, Mexico)

  • "Thank you Nick Chavez and your firm for your immigration services. You took us step-by-step throughout the whole process, and we are with your services totally satisfied. In future, we would like to work with Nick again. Thank you again."
    - Tomas & Dagmar G., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of status with an I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility)

  • "We are extremely grateful that we made the decision to hire your office Chavez& Valko. When dealing with immigration you cannot afford to make a mistake and hire someone that is not knowledgeable in the area we am so glad that we did not make that mistake. Living in Florida we could not find an attorney that was knowledgeable in the expertise of 601 Waivers thru a friend we were referred to your office. Not residing in Dallas never had an impact on our communication and everything worked out smoothly. From the beginning to the end they have been very professional from the main attorney to the paralegal handling our case to the receptionist . My husband "601 Waiver" was approved at Ciudad Juarez and we could not be anymore happier than we are. Thank you for reuniting our family. Keep up the good work! Many thanks from the Lopez family.
    "Estamos muy agradecidos de haber tomado la decision de contratar a su oficina de Chavez y Valko. Cuando se trata de lo de inmigracion no puede permitirse el lujo de cometer un error y contratar a alguien que no conozca el area estoy muy contento de que no cometimos ese error. Vivir en la Florida no podimos encontrar un abogado que era conocedor de la experiencia de 601 Perdones a traves de un amigo se nos remitio a su oficina. El no residir en Dallas no tuvo un impacto en nuestra comunicacion y todo salio bien. Desde el principio a fin ha sido muy profesional del abogado principal de la manipulacion de paralegal nuestro caso a la recepcionista. El "601 Perdon" de mi marido fue aprobado en Ciudad Juarez y no podriamos estar mos felices. Gracias por la reunificacion de nuestra familia. Keep up the good work! Muchas gracias departe de la familia Lopez."
    - Erika G., Oakland Park, FL (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility at Cd. Juarez, Mexico)

  • "Dear Mr. Valko and Eduardo, We cannot begin to express how thankful we are that you took our case on such a short notice [24 days]. God always has a purpose for us in every situation we encounter, and gladly you chose to be a part of the process in our lives. We could not have chosen a better person and we could not have done it without you! Keep up the good work!"
    "Estimado. Sr. Valko y Eduardo,
    No podemos ni empezar a expresar cuanto le agradecemos que aya tomado nuestro caso con tan poca antelación [24 días] Dios siempre tiene un propósito para nosotros en cada situación, y con gusto escoge ser parte del el proceso de nuestras vidas. No pudimos escoger mejor persona y no lo podíamos haber logrado sin usted. ¡Sigan con el buen trabajo!
    - The Hernandez Family, Dallas, TX (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility at Cd. Juarez, Mexico)

  • "Mr. Chavez I cannot THANK YOU enough for helping us in reuniting our family. The WAIVER you completed for my husband was EXCELLENT. We will forever be grateful to you and your professional staff. I knew from my first consultation that you were sincere about helping your clients. You are an example of what a great attorney is.
    I HIGHLY recommend your law firm to everyone."
    - Elizabeth C., Crowley, TX (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility in Cd. Juarez, Mexico)

Whether you are currently in another country or are in the U.S., we can fight for your rights, your visa and your waiver of inadmissibility. For a low-cost consultation, contact us.