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lawpilot Guardian

The Emergency Response App


The only emergency notification app that connects you with your lawyer in times of crisis.



Legal Protection 24/7


Getting detained by ICE or local law enforcement officers can be frightening, especially if you believe it could lead to deportation. Fortunately, detention or arrest is not the end of your American dream.

In times of legal crisis, Lawpilot Guardian™ gives you the tools to help you navigate the complex legal process and stand up for your rights when apprehended by law enforcement officials. At home, at work, or on the road, having Lawpilot Guardian™ on your phone means that wherever you go, your lawyer is by your side.

How It Works


In the event of an arrest or detention, time is of the essence. Whether you are at home, at work or on the road, Lawpilot Guardian is designed to protect your rights in any situation.

By tapping an easy to access button, you can instantly send out an alert to your family and to your attorney letting them know that you need assistance. It will also send them your location via GPS and begin to record any nearby audio. Basically, if you’re in legal trouble, we got you. Plus, you’ll never miss an important immigration law update when you sign up.





Every feature in this app was developed with one goal in mind—To protect you and your rights, 24/7.


Emergency Alerts

You’re never alone with Lawpilot Guardian™. Send emergency alerts to your lawyer and emergency contacts anytime—all with the simple touch of a button.

Know Your Rights library

Refer to the Lawpilot Guardian™ app for a library full of rights and tips to legally protect yourself.

GPS Location Sharing

Immediately notify your lawyer of your GPS location once you tap the red button.


Audio Recording

As soon as you tap the emergency red button, your phone starts recording audio of the encounter, and begins to upload it to the cloud where your lawyer can access.

Pre-Recorded Messages

Not sure what to say to the officer to protect your rights? Don’t speak English? Our Know Your Rights library includes pre-recorded messages that you can play out loud for any law enforcement officer.

News & Updates

Tailored news and updates directly from your immigration lawyer. News is filtered out so that you receive the most important news items.



Choose Your Plan


Lawpilot Guardian is free to register and download. You’ll have access to our basic features like news and the Know Your Rights library. To take advantage of the 24/7 emergency service system and monitoring, you’ll need a subscription that fits your needs. Take a look at the plans below, and if you are interested, please reach out via email (below) to learn more.


Email Us to Buy a Monitoring Plan



About Us


Attorneys Nicolas Chavez and Martin Valko


Chavez & Valko founders Nick Chavez and Martin Valko have served the immigrant community for over 20 years. In their continued pursuit to provide immigrants with the best service possible, they came up with a new way to help people like you, all from the convenience of your pocket with an emergency notification app Lawpilot Guardian™.

Lawpilot Guardian™ is an emergency response system designed to notify your family and your attorney in the event of an arrest or detention. Keep yourself and your family safe knowing your help is just a tap away. Chavez & Valko provides complimentary Lawpilot Guardian™ services to all of their clients.

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