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The following 110+ testimonials are true statements by our current and former clients regarding Chavez & Valko, LLP legal services. Each client has authorized the law firm to use their statement in the Firm’s advertisement and marketing literature, and provided their testimonials without any compensation.


Deferred Action / Acción Diferida

  • “I would like to thank Mr Chavez for all the time and patience you spend on my case for the Deferred Action… After a long journey and once being denied back in 2004 due to previous situation Mr Chavez always told me to wait patience then on Aug 15,2012 when the Deferred Action was approved ( I went to go see a another lawyer and try to file my case that lawyer told me that I wasn’t eligible to apply with the Deferred Action because of my previous history) I had all my dreams go down the drain but I remember of Mr Chavez once had my case and he actually help my mom get her residence card so I called and made an appointment we discussed my case again and he did say let me review your case once again and I will get in touch with you this evening. I receive the called and he said “YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY WITH THE DEFERRED ACTION” I apply September 5 2012. I got approved Jan 10 2013 and receive my work permit Jan 17,2013. There are a lot of options out there; however, I can guarantee you that you will not regret hiring him to work your case as they will get the work done… They truly helped me!”Thank you so much Mr Chavez and Jazmin Rosales!!!!!!” – Noemi, Fort Worth, TX (Deferred Action and Employment Authorization Document)
  • “I used this law firm for the deferred action application and they were wonderful. They came through with everything they said they would, and their follow-up was also excellent. I would recommend this law firm to anyone.”
    – G.B., Fort Worth, TX (Deferred Action and Employment Authorization Document)

I-601 or I-212 Waivers of Inadmissibility, including 212(d)(3) Waivers

  • I had previously talked to two different lawyers before about helping my husband and I regarding my husband’s legal status and the answer would always be No. When I met Attorney she Immediately asked us many questions and she said I can help you. Today, my husband and I are very happy with attorney work and dedication to our case. She was always on top of it, keeping me informed, and my husband’s I-601 waiver was approved. I’m so happy with Attorney. I am very grateful God lead me to attorney. My family is together because of God and Chavez & Valko helping us and now my husband is a resident.
    – Beatrice P., Baton Rouge, LA (Approval of I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility)
  • “We are extremely thankful to immigration attorney Mr. Martin Valkoof Chavez & Valko LLP for their professionalism, knowledge, care and dedication in my husband’s immigration process to obtain his permanent residency. Before hiring Chavez & Valko Immigration Law Firm, we had hired another local law firm that was not knowledgeable with the I-601 Waiver process which caused us loss of money, time, suffering, a separation of 21 months. Our first waiver prepared by the other lawyer was then denied. We are so grateful that we hired Mr. Valko and his firm to handle my husband’s new waiver and to obtain his residency with an excellent I-601 waiver packet. Thank you for reuniting my husband and me after this long process!”
    Cristina & Omar A., Dallas, TX (Approval of I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility in Cd. Juarez, Mexico)“Estamos extremadamente agradecidos con el abogado de inmigración, Sr. Martin Valko de Chávez & Valko LLP por su profesionalidad, conocimiento, cariño y dedicación en el proceso de inmigración de mi marido para obtener su residencia permanente. Antes de contratar a los Abogados de Inmigración Chávez & Valko, habíamos contratado a otra firma local de abogados que no estaban bien informado con el proceso del I-601 Waiver; el cual nos causó la pérdida de dinero, tiempo, sufrimiento, y una separación de 21 meses. Nuestro primer waiver preparado por el otro abogado fue negado. Estamos muy agradecidos de haber contratado al Sr. Valko y su empresa para que hiciera un nuevo waiver para mi marido y así obtuvimos su residencia por medio de un excelente paquete de I-601 waiver. Gracias por reunir a mi marido ya mí después de este largo proceso! Dallas, TX (Aprobado I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility en Ciudad Juárez, México)”
  • “We would like to thank the attorneys of Chavez & Valko. We are happy with their work, especially with attorney Nick Chavez, in the process of bringing my husband from Mexico after he was deported. With the help of God, the attorneys and lots of faith, it was possible to return my husband to the U.S. with his legal residency in a process of 8 months. We clearly recommend this office because the attorneys are honest; do very good work and fast processes. They are a great team.”“Solo queremos agradecerles a los abogados de Chavez & Valko. Estamos muy contentos con su trabajo. Especialmente al abogado Nick Chavez por este proceso tan rápido para traer a mi esposo de México después que Inmigración lo deporto. Con la ayuda de Dios y los abogados y mucha fe fue possible que mi esposo regresara a los Estados Unidos con su residencia en tan solo un proceso de 8 meses. Claro que recomendamos a esta ofician por que los abogados son muy honestos, hacen muy buen trabajo y procesos muy rápidos. Ellos son un buen equipo.”
    Margarita Servin y Jose M. Muñoz (Consular Process with I-212 and I-601 Waivers)
  • Chavez & Valko were highly recommended to me by a close friend who had success from using the firm herself. Because I reside in Houston, Texas communication for my case for a resident visa and an I-601 Waiver petition for my husband was conducted via e-mail, phone and mail however this did not cause any issues whatsoever. The entire staff treated me with professionalism, respect, care and concern the entire time. My husband reunited with us most recently after being separated for 2 years and 8 months. The process was extremely hard and painful because I was left alone to raise a 4 year old son, give birth to our baby girl due ironically upon my husband’s absence as well as provide financially. The firm’s paralegals were top notch and very compassionate and caring. At one point I received a personal call from Mr. Valko who offered to do part of the work without any additional fee! I don’t believe any other law firm would’ve done that! Chavez & Valko shows care and concern for their clients and clearly proved to me that it wasn’t all about the money. Martin Valko and the paralegals periodically checked in with me during the whole process. There was a time when I discussed with them that we were getting so discouraged that it might be best that my husband re-enter the US illegally. Mr. Valko sympathized with us but advised that if he entered illegally and got caught he would be barred for 10 years, he advised against him entering that way. Although it was a very exhausting and painful struggle at the end the I-601 waiver was approved and my husband is now a US legal Resident. Thanks to the help of Chavez & Valko we are no longer burdened with the agony of my husband being caught and deported by immigration!”
    Connie & Pito M., Houston, TX (Consular Process with I-601 Waiver)
  • “Their professional work definitely exceeded my expectations!!! I was extremely impressed with how well they prepared my husband’s waiver!
    I had the good fortune of finding Mr. Valko and his staff in my path when I was so discouraged and overwhelmed with my husband’s immigration process. I was referred to Chavez and Valko through a good friend of mine. After 17 months of waiting my husband’s second visa interview was denied. We had gone with a “notario”, a public notary, who had previously worked for Catholic Charities and assured us that he knew how to fill out the forms and prepare the waiver my husband would need if his visa was denied.However, his work was sloppy, careless and unprofessional; consequently the first waiver was denied. The forms were filled out properly but the waiver was nothing more than a two-page letter I wrote trying to explain why my husband should be allowed re-entry into the United States to be with my children and I and a few other letters from close relatives and a couple of friends.I was surprised to meet with Mr. Valko on the first interview. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. Mr. Valko explained to me how little work and effort had been put into my husband’s previous waiver. He immediately began to analyze my situation and took notes about my current circumstances and started to list many factors I could use in my husband’s I-601 waiver in order to prove the extreme hardships required by immigration. He also explained the importance of having a well-prepared waiver in order for it to be approved on the spot.Mr. Valko, guided me through the entire process. They gave me a checklist of evidence I needed to collect and guided me in the process of writing my essay in order to explain with detail the different hardships I was undergoing due to the absence of my husband. We communicated back and forth through e-mail, phone calls and meetings.They reviewed all the documents I had and prepared and amazing waiver. I was surprised to see the end result. The waiver was about 3 inches thick and it was put together very professionally. After 4 months of hard work my husband went for his second waiver interview. IT WAS APPROVED ON THE SPOT!!! Mr. Valko called me personally to give me the great news. I could not believe it. After almost two years of waiting I knew my husband was coming home. My children were going to have their dad and we would be a family again. On June 4 th 2010, my husband arrived at the Dallas Love Field Airport.Humbly and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Mr. Valko and all the staff at Chavez and Valko for all the hard work they put into my husband’s waiver. I want to thank them for allowing us the opportunity to be a family again and for bringing their dad back to my children. God bless them and their loved ones. Once again from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, and thank you! I will always recommend them; they are a very trustworthy law firm.”
    Jose R., Garland, TX (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility at Cd. Juarez, Mexico)
  • “Hello, we received the approval, I like to thank you for all the hard work and professionalism, excellent job! you have helped to bring happiness to our familiy, if there is anything else to be done please let us know. We know that you have a very limited schedule but if you have some time to get together please let us know. thank you so much!!!!!!!”
    – Alex R. with wife, Fort Worth, TX (Adjustment of Status with 212(h) waiver)
  • “Dear Mr Chavez and Staff:
    We cannot find the words to express the happiness and excitement that we felt when our waiver package was approved. We are extremely grateful and blessed that we came across your firm. It was a pleasure working with all your staff, Yolanda and Mr. Chavez, whom are very knowledgeable and dedicated to the work they perform. The care and attention that was provided at all times is unquestionable and much appreciated. Thanks to your hard work Ricardo was able to reunite with his family in Dallas and will now be able to raise his first daughter. It had been a long and stressful journey for almost four years. We are looking forward to our lives together in the same country. We have talked to relatives and friends about the great job that you guys had done for us and will continue to recommend your services along the way. Once again THANK YOU FOR BRINGING RELIEF TO OUR SADNESS AND STRESS.
    Beatriz & Enrique Esparza & Sandra Guevara, Dallas, TX (Approval of I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility in Cd. Juarez, Mexico)
  • “We spent nine years being told that nothing should be done. After immigration attorney Martin Valko reopened our case, we now have our permanent residency. Chavez & Valko achieved our dream.
    Despues de escuchar por nueve anos que no hicieramos nada, abogado de inmigración Martin Valko abrieron nuestro caso y hemos recibido la residencia permanente que hemos buscado por tantos anos. Chavez & Valko hizo realidad nuestro sueno.”
    Jacovo & Graciela V., Little Elm, TX (Motion to Reopen with adjustment of status or “green card” under section 245(i)).

  • “Dear Mr. Chavez, I would like to express my sincerest thank you to you and your staff for all the time and patience you spent on my husband’s case. While it was a long journey and a complicated case, you worked tirelessly coming up with new and innovative ideas for him to receive his permanent residence. We never doubted that with your knowledge and persistence, we would receive it. We are beyond ecstatic to finally have it and look forward to the benefits, such as traveling, that come with it. While I have already recommended your services to others, I will continue to do so and look forward to working with you should the occasion arise. Thank you again for all your hard work and we hope to keep in touch.”
    Melanie & Franklin Vasquez, Justin, TX (Temporary Protected Status or TPS, I-212 Waiver, I-131 Advance Parole, and Adjustment of Status)

  • “I would like to thank Chavez and Valko LLP for taking my case and helping/advising me through the immigration process and acquiring my husband’s residency. [the firm] was always available to answer our questions and inform/explain what INS required at all times. INS asked us for an I-601 waiver and hardship letter in order to make a decision on my husband’s case as he had a couple of felonies on his record. I thought it was an easy thing to put together and that I would be able to do it myself and save money by not hiring an immigration lawyer but I was wrong. Putting a hardship letter and packet together requires more work thank you can imagine. The immigration team at Chavez & Valko informed us of all documentation need; some of which I didn’t even think of including in the packet. There are a lot of options out there; however, I can guarantee you that you will not regret hiring them to work your case as they will get the work done and they are very affordable as well. Wish you the best of luck and I hope this testimonial helps you in making your decision. They truly helped me!”
    Maria O. with family, Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status with I-601 Waiver)

  • “Thank you Nick Chavez and your firm for your immigration services. You took us step-by-step throughout the whole process, and we are with your services totally satisfied. In future, we would like to work with Nick again. Thank you again.”
    Tomas & Dagmar G., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of status with an I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility)

  • “We are extremely grateful that we made the decision to hire your office Chavez & Valko. When dealing with immigration you cannot afford to make a mistake and hire someone that is not knowledgeable in the area we am so glad that we did not make that mistake. Living in Florida we could not find an attorney that was knowledgeable in the expertise of 601 Waivers thru a friend we were referred to your office. Not residing in Dallas never had an impact on our communication and everything worked out smoothly. From the beginning to the end they have been very professional from the main attorney to the paralegal handling our case to the receptionist . My husband “601 Waiver” was approved at Ciudad Juarez and we could not be anymore happier than we are. Thank you for reuniting our family. Keep up the good work! Many thanks from the Lopez family.”

    “Estamos muy agradecidos de haber tomado la decision de contratar a su oficina de Chavez y Valko. Cuando se trata de lo de inmigracion no puede permitirse el lujo de cometer un error y contratar a alguien que no conozca el area estoy muy contento de que no cometimos ese error. Vivir en la Florida no podimos encontrar un abogado que era conocedor de la experiencia de 601 Perdones a traves de un amigo se nos remitio a su oficina. El no residir en Dallas no tuvo un impacto en nuestra comunicacion y todo salio bien. Desde el principio a fin ha sido muy profesional del abogado principal de la manipulacion de paralegal nuestro caso a la recepcionista. El “601 Perdon” de mi marido fue aprobado en Ciudad Juarez y no podriamos estar mos felices. Gracias por la reunificacion de nuestra familia. Keep up the good work!

    Muchas gracias departe de la familia Lopez.”
    Erika G., Oakland Park, FL (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility at Cd. Juarez, Mexico)

  • “Dear Mr. Valko and Eduardo, We cannot begin to express how thankful we are that you took our case on such a short notice [24 days]. God always has a purpose for us in every situation we encounter, and gladly you chose to be a part of the process in our lives. We could not have chosen a better person and we could not have done it without you! Keep up the good work!”
    “Estimado. Sr. Valko y Eduardo,
    No podemos ni empezar a expresar cuanto le agradecemos que aya tomado nuestro caso con tan poca antelación [24 días] Dios siempre tiene un propósito para nosotros en cada situación, y con gusto escoge ser parte del el proceso de nuestras vidas. No pudimos escoger mejor persona y no lo podíamos haber logrado sin usted. ¡Sigan con el buen trabajo!

    The Hernandez Family, Dallas, TX (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility at Cd. Juarez, Mexico)

  • “Mr. Chavez I cannot THANK YOU enough for helping us in reuniting our family. The WAIVER you completed for my husband was EXCELLENT. We will forever be grateful to you and your professional staff. I knew from my first consultation that you were sincere about helping your clients. You are an example of what a great attorney is.
    I HIGHLY recommend your law firm to everyone.”
    Elizabeth C., Crowley, TX (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility in Cd. Juarez, Mexico)

Adjustment of Status (I-485 & I-130) including Motion to Reopen Denial, Religious Worker I-360 Petition, K-1 Fiancee Petitions, consular process, F-1/F-2 and other matters

  • “Martin Valko is an angel for my family. My husband got his deportation 2 years back in December just before Christmas i think it was the 18th or 19th. Think about it. A deportation letter just before Christmas 🙁 . It looked liked some one had pulled off our lives from us. We had no where to go at all. Before this happened another attorney was handling my case. My husband entered the USA from Canada and that lawyer assured me that his case would be settled and he will sure get a GREEN CARD. Well it did not happen that way. I was dealing with him for almost 2 years and paid all his fees as well. When his work permit got issued we were very happy and thought that everything will be fine but that was not the case. # of years back he renewed my husband’s work permit and as soon as we got it we got a denial letter from the uscis stating that my husband was in a deportation case and he has to leave the country. We were really upset and no where to go at all. When i went to my lawyer instead of helping me he gave up and said he did not take deportation cases. Think about it…. your lawyer gives up when you need him the most. He gave us the number of another attorney and said to go to him. he did not even realise how upset we were and he was the one responsible for our families future. But all he did was referring some one else. Our Christmas became a nightmare. Think about it with a 5 year old daughter how were we feeling. Luckily i found Mr Valko on radio and over the internet. I made an appointment with him the same day and went to his office. As soon as i reached there his staff knowing my situation calmed us down and was very helpful. As soon as Mr Valko came he made a call to the court just to make sure that my husband’s case was still active and you know what we found out … we found out that my husband’s case was not yet decided and we can fight over it. Mr Valko navigated me through the process and told me that he will renew my husband’s work permit again with no extra fees to the uscis and he did so. That was the 1st achievement he made towards our case. “He also told me that he will fight my case with honestly and dignity and so he did. My husband’s work permit was renewed with no problems. Then we again appealed for his green card. The uscis called us for the interview and they were with us there all the time. and finally 2 years back my husband’s green card was approves and now we are safe and happy here in the USA. One thing i want everybody to know. ” Martin Valko and his team was always there for me. Whenever we needed him he was there personally and helped me in all the proceedings. I cannot explain how wonderful he is and how grateful we are that we found him. HE is the one who’s hard work and honesty is a firm result that we are present today in the USA. I am very thankful to you sir for reuniting my family. I pray that may God bless you with his best blessings and you be successful in your life. You are an angle for me and my family. I will definitely recommend you to everybody who is facing hardships in their immigration matter. Once again thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”
    – Farina and Ahmed M., Dallas, TX (Motion to Reopen and Adjustment of status)
  • “Excellent Attorney!!!!
    We are so grateful for the help Attorney has given us. She first helped me getting my divorce, which wasn’t a conventional situation. She managed the case with a lot of knowledge and always kept me informed. Then she helped me and my husband to have a successful immigration case, getting my green card, in another not so convectional situation, since I had a previous case from my first marriage. I would highly recommend Attorney services and will definitely hire her again in the future.
    – Ana & Hector, Baton Rouge, LA (Adjustment of Status)
  • “Excellent! Highly recommend!
    Mr. Chavez, his paralegal, Jannet, and attorney Ms. Durbin are very knowledgeable and professional. We appreciated their depth of detail in the entire process.
    From the receptionist to the attorneys, the entire staff is very professional, courteous, always making us feel as if we were their only clients.
    Again, we highly recommend this law firm.”
    – Bhupen Debra Patel, Fort Worth, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “De Armando Garcia para el equipo de Chavez y Valko, especialmente para la abogada, y su asistente, Jessica Morales, solo para agradecer de sus buenos servicios de primer nivel, y por habernos ayudado a mi esposa y a mi obtener la residencia permanente en este país. Gracias a su experiencia y su dedicación a su trabajo todo resulto como se esperaba. Les agradezco de todo corazón por su ayuda. Y así como un amigo me recomendó con ustedes yo se los recomendaría a cualquier otra persona porque aparte de su experiencia nos tratan muy bien y nos toman en cuenta para cualquier duda que tengamos. No les digo adiós si no hasta la próxima. Les deseo que les vaya bien y que Dios las bendiga.”
    Atentamente Armando Garcia
    *** From Armando Garcia for the team of Chavez & Valko, especially for the attorney, and her assistant, Jessica Morales, just to thank them for the good and first class services they provided us, and for helping my wife and me obtain permanent residence in this country. Thanks to her experience and her dedication to her work, we obtained the results we expected. Thank you very much for your help. And as a friend referred me to you, I will recommend you to all other people because apart from the knowledge and experience they treated us very well and answered every question we had throughout the entire process. I am not saying goodbye, but until next time. I wish you well and God bless.
    Sincerely Armando Garcia”
    – Armando Garcia, Forrest Hill, TX (Adjustment of status)
  • “My husband and I married on February 23,2011 and not even a year later his status is now legal and he has his residency!!! I had done some research on cases with similar circumstances as ours that had resulted in bad outcomes so I went to Chavez & Valko believing I would be turned away because of the challenges our case presented. I was skeptical but our attorney assured us that he would not take a case if he thought it would be denied and that conversation, along with all the great reviews I read online, led me to think that this was the right decision. Jessica, our paralegal, was very prompt in regards to responding to my emails, always friendly when I called her with what might have been silly questions and so knowledgeable about every last detail of our what our case needed. Our attorney was great in calming any doubts that I had along the way.The minimal amount of money we paid was well worth the peace of mind and not having to worry about all of the paperwork that goes with immigration cases.I can’t say enough about the professionalism and friendliness I saw there. Thanks to everybody at Chavez & Valko.”
    – Rosi and Erick M., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of status)
  • “Your service from start to finish has been EXCELLENT and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level. Nothing ever seemed to be too much of a problem to you and we were made to feel unique, never feeling that we were “just another client”. It was so refreshing to receive prompt and professional service. Thanks a million!!!”
    Job and Lovella, Carrollton, TX (Adjustment of status)
  • “The first time that I went to the law office of Chavez & Valko I was received by much amiability. Today thanks to the confidence, organization and to the professionalism of the lawyers that worked in my case, today I have my permanent residence. I am very grateful for their assistance. God bless.”
    – Margarita and Cornelius W., Killeen, TX (Adjustment of Status with I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence)
  • “My wife chose Chavez & Valko LLP based on their high online ratings and customer reviews, which proved to be right on point. From the initial consultation meeting with Mr. Valko, up to our final interview, we were impressed by their personable services and equally so, Mr. Valko himself. We hired the law firm Chavez & Valko to assist us in my N-400 application, as well as my wife’s adjustment of status. In both cases, the attorneys and their staff guided us each step of the way and responded to all our questions quickly and efficiently. They helped make what is usually a pretty stressful process, a truly smooth experience. If there is one instance that really made an impact it was Mr. Valko‘s ability to help calm my wife’s nerves prior to our final interview with immigration. Although she had nothing to worry about, it is human instinct to do so at times, but Mr. Valko calmly talked to her and reassured her that it was all under control. The interview actually turned out to be … Valko LLP based on their high online ratings and customer reviews, which proved to be right on point. From the initial consultation meeting with Mr. Valko, up to our final interview, we were impressed by their personable services and equally so, Mr. Valko himself. We hired the law firm Chavez & Valko to assist us in my N-400 application, as well as my wife’s adjustment of status. In both cases, the attorneys and their staff guided us each step of the way and responded to all our questions quickly and efficiently. They helped make what is usually a pretty stressful process, a truly smooth experience. If there is one instance that really made an impact it was Mr. Valko‘s ability to help calm my wife’s nerves prior to our final interview with immigration. Although she had nothing to worry about, it is human instinct to do so at times, but Mr. Valko calmly talked to her and reassured her that it was all under control. The interview actually turned out to be a very pleasant experience, and my wife was actually the calmest I’d ever seen her. We are extremely grateful for the services provided by the attorneys and everyone at Chavez & Valko and couldn’t be happier with how both our cases were handled, ending this experience with a quick, successful outcome.”
    – Roman and Georgiana P., Burleson TX (Naturalization and Adjustment of status)
  • “My husband and I chose to go with Chavez & Valko after we met with Mr. Valko for an initial consultation since we received great service from the beginning; from Mr. Valko to his front desk team and his paralegal, they were all so friendly and informative when it came to dealing with us and our many questions. Dealing with immigration issues was a trying and difficult time for my family but the Chavez & Valko team were always clear and thorough with all of our questions and concerns. They made us feel more at ease during this process because of their proven competence. I was actually pregnant during this process and was due around the same time our first immigration interview was scheduled. I was afraid that I would go into labor around that time and we would have to reschedule this interview we had been waiting for since we began this process. The Chavez & Valko team kept in close contact with us for updates on my pregnancy, which made us feel like they were a part of our family too. So in the end, we all decided it would be best for us to go ahead and reschedule the immigration interview for a later date. My husband and I thought since we asked for a later date, due to our daughter being born around our initial scheduled interview, that we wouldn’t be scheduled for another immigration appointment for at least another 6 months but lo and behold, the Chavez & Valko team contacted us shortly after our daughter was born and let us know that our new rescheduled date and time was just a few weeks out. We went to our second rescheduled interview and about a week later found out that my husband had been approved for his permanent residency! All in all, my husband and I would gladly choose Chavez & Valko all over again. I am a very happy client.”
    Alicia and Christian C., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of status)
  • “Words cannot express my gratitude to Mr Valko and the entire team at Chavez & Valko. As far as immigration goes, my case was a unique one that seemed virtually impossible to address. I won the Diversity Visa Lottery and was already in the U.S on a visitor’s visa. After following the necessary rules and procedures, as well as determining eligibility, I filed an adjustment of status application to get the green card without any legal representation. Unfortunately for me, after an interview and a 6 month wait, my application to adjust status was denied with only a month and a half left to go before the 2011 green card lottery eligibility period expired. To say all hell broke loose would be an understatement! I was immediately placed in removal/deportation proceedings and advised by 3 other lawyers I consulted that any & all hope was lost! After doing some research on highly recommended lawyers and as a last ditch effort, I made an appointment to see Mr Valko. He was refreshingly honest and candid about my options and how any choices I made would affect my immigration status, especially considering that time was of the essence in my case. My first impression of him was that apart from being well versed in all the legal matters, he was also very refreshingly upfront and honest about everything pertaining to my case. I immediately decided to go with him and his team and followed their expertise and guidance. A paralegal, Jessica, was assigned to my case, she was very efficient and always courteous in addressing all of my concerns and questions. Mr Valko worked extremely fast to ensure I could schedule another interview at the embassy in my home country even before I departed from the U.S. He was able to directly contact the appropriate authorities and gave me updates on any progress being made on my case. In a matter of days, he had an interview scheduled for me at the U.S embassy in my home country. I followed his legal advice and returned home. I was anxious and had many concerns but all along the way, the team at Chavez & Valko were there to check that everything was going smoothly and that my concerns were addressed promptly. They stayed in constant communication with me even while I was abroad. They definitely went above and beyond all expectations. Within 3 weeks of my first meeting with Mr Valko, I went to the interview at the U.S embassy. Within a matter of hours, my green card application was approved and an immigrant visa was placed in my passport ready for collection the very next day!! Needless to say, Mr Valko, Jessica, and everyone I worked with at Chavez & Valko have my undying gratitude! Their entire team, from the receptionist to Mr Valko himself, not only addressed the legal side of my concerns but they were also kind and treated me humanely and were always available. They were all professional, very knowledgeable and answered all my questions, some even before I asked them! I am forever indebted to Mr Valko and his team. If ever you need a lawyer with unsurpassed expertise and compassion, this firm is where you need to go. They can handle even the most difficult or unusual cases and I highly recommend them. A special thank you to Mr Valko and Jessica, they are quite simply the very best!M.F.M”
    MFM, Zimbabwe (Consular Processing of Diversity Visa immigrant visa after denial of Adjustment of status)
  • Chavez & Valko LLP is not your typical immigration law firm. It is a firm which provides the utmost professional service to their clients. From the warm and friendly staff, to the extensive detailed paperwork they prepared, they didn’t miss a beat. The firm’s expertise, honesty, dedication, and responsiveness to my case greatly exceeded my expectations; Mr. Frost and Mr. Amaro truly went above and beyond. I was extremely pleased with the attention to detail and dedication to their work ethic. I highly recommend Chavez and Valko to anyone who has immigration questions or needs and is searching for the VERY BEST.”
    – Maria and Jeff H., Richmond, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “Hi, I got my Greencard in exactly 3 months & 2 weeks. I am glad to say that I went through Chavez & Valko to get my resident status. They are very professional, knowledgeable and organized. They are definitely the best in what they do.I am completely satisfied with the service they are offering. I am also planning to do get my conditional PERM removed and apply for citizenship via them. I would like to thank Mr.Valko for being there for guiding us through the process. He made things very simple. Looking forward to work with you next time.”
    – Amit and K. T., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “We were extremely delighted with the outcome of our case and we thank Mr. Valko and his team, for their collective efforts as we were very pleased with the services and representation that we received. My wife and I felt very reassured throughout the process, and we remained confident throughout the process, that our case was in capable hands. In the end, we were proven correct. Thank you once again for the capable and client friendly representation.”
    – Jeff and Carmen, Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “To whom it may concern,
    I am an Imam of Islamic Association of Mesquite, TX, and I want to express my appreciation and great thanks my immigration attorney Mr. Nick Chavez and his team about what they did for me and my family during 7 months he got the green cards for all of my family. Another thing is that Mr. Chavez is very close to his clients and he provided his professional service to them. It takes 5 minutes for him to answer your email with full respect. I advise all the community to come and deal with Chavez & Valko, LLP. Me and my family appreciate and thank him for his help and support.”
    Imam Abuzaid with Family, Mesquite, TX (I-360 Religious Worker Petition with Adjustment of status)
  • “We would like to thank Mr. Valko and all his staff for helping us trough our immigration process. He answered all our questions, was very kind and knowledgeable. He treated us with respect and made us feel like family, the experience was great that we are been a returning customers.”
    Filmon, Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status under INA245(i))
  • “We would highly recommend Dallas immigration lawyer Martin Valko to anyone wishing to make their immigration process go more smoothly. When each of us first met Martin Valko both of us felt very comfortable and confident. Mr. Valko was extremely courteous and helpful and displayed exceptional knowledge in the field of immigration law. Mr. Valko assisted my wife and me with her I-485 permanent residence case. He communicated with clarity and all of our concerns, however minor, were promptly addressed either by him or his assistant. He provided us with personal support at a time when it was most needed just days before our scheduled interview with the immigration official. It took us a less than a year of filing the paperwork that my wife was granted a residency card. We cannot explain in words how happy we have been since we obtained my wife’s permanent residency card. Once again on behalf of both of us thank you for the quick, steadfast, honest, and hard work put into our case resulting in success. With warm regards and God Bless.”
    Blas and Mirna R., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of status)
  • “I am grateful for Mr. Valko and his Chavez & Valko immigration law team for helping my adopted daughter to get her Green card. I liked the way they always followed up and reminded me what to do, so my daughter could get her Green card effectively. Keep up the Good work!!”
    Valinda R., Mesquite, TX (Adjustment of status following adoption)
  • “We are very thankful to Mr. Nick Chavez and his Law Firm Chavez & Valko, together with his paralegal, Ms Anya, for successfully and very efficiently achieving adjustment of status for my wife and myself. Their pleasant, honest, and high professionalism always made us very comfortable and confident of steering through to success in our case. No words are enough to express our joy, gratitude and great appreciation for everything they did for us to be in this great country.We are profoundly thankful to them for all their help and guidance. It is due to their professionalism that we received our Permanent Residency. We truly appreciate their dedication to our case with honesty and hard work. They answered any question, concern, very promptly. They guided us with ease, comfort, efficiency, and gave the guidelines for going through all the requirements step by step and never for a moment made us feel apprehensive. It was a great pleasure and comfort working with them and for assisting us on our case in a very effective, timely manner, and in a short time indeed. Their office staff too has been so very cooperative and efficient .Our thanks to them as well.
    We could not have found a better attorney to handle our case. We will never hesitate even for a single moment to recommend their names to all those who are in need of expert immigration services.”
    Mr. & Mrs. H., Euless, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “I would like to say that your Chavez & Valko, LLP law firm is extremely thorough and I had a wonderful time working with attorney Valko and his staff. With my husband being away in the military I would say I had no worries because all documentation was well prepared for the case at the day of the interview. I would also like to thank paralegal Anya for such a wonderful job and attorney Gary for representing the firm on the day of my interview. Thank you once again.”
    Lilian B. & Peter K., Dallas, TX/U.S. military base (Adjustment of Status without Petitioner’s presence due to military deployment)
  • “Mr. Nick Chavez have done a great job with my husbands’ case. You truly know how to work as a team and you have made this process so easy for us. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication. I’m still in shock about how fast the turnaround was; it only took 3 ½ months for my husbands’ process to finalize! This has given us an entire different level of security and now we can focus on our next goals. We will forever be grateful. My cousin Elizabeth had actually referred me to your firm because of her great experience and now I will be doing the same with anybody I know that needs immigration services. Thank you very much.”
    Gaby and Leonel P., Fort Worth, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “Outstanding services from Mr. Valko and his Partner Nick Chavez along with Mr. Frost. Thank you so much for your services. Your services guaranteed an easy interview process for permanent residency. Highly recommended for immigration consultation and services.”
    – Fernando and Danielle H, Arlington, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Martin Valko, his paralegal Anya, and the Law office of Chavez & Valko, LLP for providing an exceptional representation for my wife Ladan and I in our immigration case. We retained the Mr. Valko in September of 2008 to apply for a K-1 Visa and since that time we have received an excellent service. The K-1 process completed smoothly and in accordance to the time frame that we were provided. Mr. Valko even made sure to prepare Ladan for her consulate interview in Turkey and was extremely comforting to both of us. Upon Ladan’s arrival to the States, Mr. Valko applied for her Adjustment of Status (I-485). With much of our surprise, Ladan received her green card in approximately two months from the time we applied. During the entire immigration process, Mr. Valko and Anya made sure that all of our documentation were completed and submitted in accordance to USCIS requirements. Further, what impressed us the most was the fact that Law Office was constantly and promptly available to us in response to any issues, questions, or comments we had. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Ladan and I are grateful of their assistance in bringing us together to start a new life as husband and wife.”
    Hossein & Ladan H., Dallas, TX (K-1 Fiancee visa at a US Consulate, with Adjustment of Status in the United States)
  • “I have obtained my residency through Attorney Valko. He was recommended by a friend and was pleased how he treated us. My case took only eight months for our immigration interview. Everything was well organized on the day of the appointment. At the interview, the immigration officer was being difficult but Attorney Valko fought so I could obtain my residency.”
    Valentin I., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status based on 245(i) and being a dependent beneficiary of the 4th preference I-130 petition).
  • “Dear Mr. Valko,
    I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for working with me and resolving my problem with changing of my F-1 nonimmigrant status. As you know my family had to overcome a lot of difficulties which were increased by two previous denial decisions on my case. I felt frustrated and hopeless. But your skillfulness and motivation reassured me in high probability of positive outcome, even if sometimes the situation looked unfavorable to me. Thanks to your ability to overcome those obstacles I’ve received an approval decision.
    I want to thank you for all the work that you performed for me preparing all the supporting documents perfectly. In my opinion, you were able to select and summarize in the best possible way all the documentation we provided, presenting it in the most favorable light. Thank you for the persistently professional and dedicated service you and your team provided in the process of me obtaining the change of my nonimmigrant status.
    My special thanks to your paralegal Anya Schendeler who showing her adequate response, efficiency and responsibility always made very clear and easy to understand what you needed from me, for when, and most importantly why. She forwarded me your answers to every single question I had in a timely manner with patience and compassion.
    I really appreciated all your attention and dedication on my case. I am glad that our relations were based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. I would strongly recommend your services to anyone for any immigration matters. Sincerely.”
    Natalia M., Tyler, TX (Change of Status to F-1 with F-2 dependent with previous denials and deferred action)
  • “I thought after going on the internet would be easy to get my wife’s immigration papers in order, just fill out many forms, but after months and months of back and forth correspondence with the authorities at the immigration office. I only put my marriage, and my wife’s legal status here in America in jeopardy after all the forms I filled out not to mention the money I paid immigration she had been denied resident status and legal residence here in America as well as facing deportation. We were horrified our family would be split up. We went to catholic charities to their legal department and were told she was facing deportation we were thinking of moving to Canada to stay together, when a friend told us about Chavez & Valko. After months of crying at night I called the firm and the next day we met with at the office. The firm was so friendly and reassuring that I had done nothing wrong in my efforts submit my wife’s papers. That just sending in the right forms again all at the same time would resolve the matter. That he did for us and this week my wife has permanent residence status a green card as well as today a social security card!! Gary we love you and we thank you. You have saved our family and we can not thank you enough.”
    Stephen and Bouaphet G., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of status or “Green card”)
  • “With this testimonial I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude towards Mr. Martin Valko, his paralegal Jessica and all the supporting staff at the Chavez and Valko Immigration Law Firm for their wonderful service, professionalism and support in handling my case and getting me a successful approval.I was a conditional permanent resident whose marriage had ended in a divorce. In order to retain my permanent residency status I had to file I-751 with a waiver for good faith marriage. I had consulted a handful of attorneys first before meeting with Mr. Valko. The first consultation with him made me feel very comfortable to work with him on my case. He was very knowledgeable about the laws related to my situation, what evidence can be presented, and fairly confident in a potential successful approval. Mr. Valko and Jessica guided me with ease, comfort and efficiency through the whole process. They assisted me with preparing my sworn affidavit, and their professionalism, knowledge, care, dedication and attention given to my case are very much appreciated. They were always available to answer any questions, to help with my evidence gathering. I had great experience working with Mr. Valko and his immigration team. I am very glad to have chosen Mr. Valko to represent me. After consulting with some of the highly rated attorneys in town before meeting him, I definitely will be recommending him for any immigration legal services from here on.”
    – Timothy, Irving, TX (Waiver of Joint Filing, I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence)
  • “I was married to a US citizen for about 5 years. I have applied for the conditional residence while I was married. Many years after I was divorced Mr. Valko was hired to help me to obtain my permanent residency. Mr. Valko and his gracious staff were very helpful in guiding me through the entire process. Mr. Valko and his professional staff exceed my expectation in every aspect. Thanks again.”
    – Hani S., Dallas, TX (Withdrawal and refiling of I-751 with attorney presence)
  • “Mr. Martin Valko is a very knowledgeable lawyer in regards to immigration and its present laws. During our consultation, Mr. Valko listened to my relative’s concerns about his immigration status. He gave my relative honest strait forward answers on what forms he could fill out in order to change his immigration status. Two weeks, later I am glad to announce that my cousin has obtained an F-1 student visa at US Consulate in Europe. Without Mr. Valko‘s knowledge and guidance my relative would have not been given the F-1 visa or the opportunity of receiving a quality education. I would highly recommend Mr. Valko and his immigration law firm Chavez & Valko to anyone seeking help with immigration issues. Thank you once again for your time, help, and patience.
    J.M. Lopez, Dallas, TX (F-1 visa consultation)
  • “We are extremely thankful for your help with our case. In less than three months, my husband was approved and became a legal resident. We appreciate your honesty, dedication, and hard work. You answered any questions/ concerns we had along the way, and were always very professional and courteous. You can guarantee we will be referring you to our friends or family members who are in need of immigration services.”
    Edith & Hector G., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of status or “green card” under section 245(i))
  • “Mr. Valko and his whole staff are the best in town! My wife and I couldn’t believe Immigration granted me the green card despite the fact that I forgot my passport, visa and I-94!!! I was so nervous and thought I was not going to be able to make it at least that day, but thanks to Mr. Valko‘s professionalism I’m finally legal in this country. We couldn’t believe how well known He is among the Immigration staff! HELLO MR. VALKO! from right and left throughout the entire building 🙂 it sure made our interview more relaxed than what we thought it was going to be. Top Notch law firm and staff! Thanks a lot Mr. Valko! We will see you for my Citizenship 😉 Last but not least, my wife and I want to thank Yolanda (receptionist) for their awesome Job as well. Thanks for been such patient, caring and Professional with us ;)”
    – J.M., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “My wife and I sought the services of the immigration law firm Chavez and Valko for my adjustment of status. They worked very diligently to see my case through, they are very professional and the listen to your needs. I would not hesitate to recommend this law firm for anyone who has immigration issues. So do not hesitate just give them a try. Trust me you will not be disappointed.”
    Andre & Vicki T., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “It was a great pleasure working with Chavez & Valko. Their Firm’s knowledgeable attorneys and paralegals assisted me with getting my permanent residence in a very effective, timely manner. They were quick to answer any questions I ever had and were a great help overall. Their diligence and hard work in my case is greatly appreciated. I couldn’t have found a better attorney to handle my case.”
    Nadia & Jeremy F., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “I was in desperate need of professional assistance to help me reunite with my young son who was in El Salvador. I feel blessed that Mr. Martin Valko took over our case at the right time. His constant communication with the US Embassy was extremely helpful in our case. It is because of the outstanding work at Chavez & Valko that my son’s case was approved on October 2009, and shortly after that he entered the United States as a permanent resident. At last, after several years my family has been reunited here in the United States. I would like to personally thank Mr. Martin Valko and paralegal Eduardo for their outstanding work with our immigration case. Since our first meeting they were honest and encouraging and it is because of them that my family has been reunited. I will make sure that I recommend all of my family and friends to Chavez & Valko for immigration assistance.”
    Marlyn F. and family, Dallas, TX (Permanent residence for a following-to-join dependent)
  • “We wish to thank Martin Valko from the Chavez & Valko LLP Immigration Law Firm. They were 100% professional and handled our case with seamless ease. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending this law firm to anyone. We would especially like to thank the paralegal, Anya Schendeler, who handled our case, for her kind and courteous demeanor at all times. All of the staff that we encountered at the firm is completely competent and professional at all times … Thank you guys for a wonderful service.”
    Gavin Walsh & Ellen Rogers, Estero, FL (Adjustment of status)
  • “Attorneys and staff at Chavez & Valko law firm were extremely respectful towards Jose and I. I appreciate their patience and attention to detail even though I was being complicated at times. I’m grateful that I chose such a professional law firm that made us feel secure and taken care of. Our lives have been changed for the better and we have a sense of security we have never known. Yolanda and Anya are some exceptional ladies who always made us feel special. This firm stood out to us above all others and I will be recommending their immigration services to my family and friends. Thanks for all your help!”
    The C. Family, Dallas, TX (Adjustment of status or “green card” under section 245(i))
  • “My husband and I would like to thank our attorney, Mr. Valko, and our paralegal, Anya Schendeler, for making the immigration process to receive my conditional green card as smooth and effortless as possible. They were very dedicated to our case, and explained the whole process to us…what to expect during the AOS interview, and so on. They were there to answer any questions and concerns we had. We submitted our application on May 11th and my I-485 was approved on August 14th.”
    Stacey and Peter G., Sherman, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “Dear Mr. Chavez/Eduardo, the assistance my husband and I received from your law firm has been invaluable to us. Before we met with you we consulted with several immigration law firms and we just wanted to give up! INS had closed our case, with no explanation why, 5 years passed, with no response to our letters… We were in a bad situation. After meeting with you, Mr. Chavez and your associates, we walked out of your office and we were convinced that we will receive some help at last, we had hope again after so many years passed… we had some help! Your generosity greatly appreciated. We personally would like to thank, Mr. Chavez and Mr. Eduardo, for bringing this case to a CLOSE! Thank you all for the help you given us during the hard times. YOU ARE NO. 1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…But my heart has no bottom. A Special Note c/o Chavez & Valko – “if every flower in the world had a voice, I couldn’t send as many as it would take.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Olantunji, Dallas, TX (Motion to Reopen Denial of Adjustment of Status)
  • “My wife and I would like to thank you for your diligence and patience throughout our immigration case. We are thankful to Mr. Valko and the firm and owe you our gratitude for the dedication and commitment given which resulted in my wife’s reopening of her denied green card case. We have been to several attorneys but were told the case was too difficult. Mr. Valko assured us that he could handle the case and would see it through, which he did. This has truly changed our lives. Thanks again.”
    Private, Dallas, TX (Motion to reopen denied adjustment of status)
  • “We wanted to write to thank everyone that helped us obtain my wife’s green card, and wanted to stress how helpful and caring everyone at Chavez & Valko was through out this process. Their support staff was simply amazing and assisted us through every step of the way, we couldn’t have asked for more. Mr. Valko thanks for your kind words, advice, guidance and patients with our situation. The process went much faster and smoother than what others said it was going to be. I was actually scared of the meeting from what others had told me but Mr. Valko calmed us down, assured us things were fine and the interview was over in less than 10 minutes. When it comes to Immigration & Naturalization Law, you can’t beat immigration attorneys at Chavez & Valko. A+ work, thanks again guys and warmest regards!”
    Adam & Phuong M., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “Dear Mr. Valko, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for helping me obtain legal status in such a short amount of time. At first I was very apprehensive in choosing an immigration lawyer that was honest and trustworthy. However, all my fears disappeared after our initial meeting, as it was your openness and sincerity that led us to choose Chavez & Valko. I never thought it was be this easy to obtain legalization and I owe it all to you and Anya for personally taking care of us through every step of the way. I wish your and your law firm the best of luck in the future and I applaud your efforts in helping others like me on the path of legalization.
    Thank you again for all your hard work.”
    Private, Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • Mr. Valko and his team helped my wife get her fiancée visa as well as her conditional green card without any issues. They were both flexible with their payment plans and were able to be an excellent resource in providing my wife and I information that we would not have otherwise been able to get. I would recommend them to anyone having immigration issues.”
    Tahir H., Dallas, TX (K-1 Fiancee visa and adjustment of status)
  • “Choosing a immigration lawyer is always a huge decision. I’m absolutely glad my friends recommended Chavez & Valko. The process didn’t take long and the end result was a success. Thanks Martin and Anya for working with us.”
    Stella and Jose B., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “I want to thank Nick and his firm for the help and assistance that he has provided to our family. He was always there to answer questions and to walk our family through the process. Nick has provided GREAT SERVICE and always made us feel welcome. He provided service for our family 2 years ago and we recently had questions and Nick was prompt on answering questions we had. It is great to know that he is always there to help, even when the file is closed.”
    Betty M., Fort Worth, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “Thanks to Chavez & Valko for the great help that your firm provided to us. We couldn’t thank you enough for your assistance and super fast environment, and walking us step by step through the entire immigration process – from the initial consultation with the attorney, to the adjustment of status interview, and my green card. Thanks for answering every single one of our questions. We never felt left alone. The firm made us felt like family.”
    “Gracias a Chávez & Valko por la gran ayuda que su firma nos ha proveído. No le podemos agradecer lo suficiente por su asistencia y su ambiente expeditivo, y por guiarnos paso a paso durante el proceso migratorio entero- desde la primera consulta con el abogado, hasta la entrevista de ajuste de estatus, y mi residencia. Gracias por contestar cada una de nuestras preguntas. Nunca nos sentimos solos. La firma nos hizo sentir como una familia.”
    Jaclyn and Daniel G., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “I got my Greencard in exactly 3 months & 2 weeks. I am glad to say that I went through Chavez & Valko to get my resident status. They are very professional, knowledgeable and organized. They are definitely the best in what they do.”
    Amit, Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “Nick, I want to thank you and your law firm for all the work you did on my case. I really appreciate the way you took time and explained the process to me and respond to all of my question. I will definitely recommend your firm to everybody. May you and your law firm have continued success always.”
    Ashok S., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)

  • “Dear Mr. Valko, We would like to say Thanks to you and your paralegals for going the extra mile in getting our documents accurately prepared. Because of your hard work and dedication, I was able to become a Permanent Resident of the United States in less that a year. I went home (Jamaica) in July and I was so happy to see all my friends and families. You are a great Lawyer and we will recommend your service to anyone, who needs help with Immigration matters. We will be filing for our son Marco in the near future. Thanks again for the awesome job you have done for us!”
    Calvin and Claudja S., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)

  • “My family and I were here in the US since mid 1990’s and overstayed our visas. We were duped by our previous lawyer and were not able to legalize our stay at that time. Our son became acquainted with a family who helped us retain this law firm, Chavez and Valko, LLP. i was very nervous because I was worried about being deported. By then, I had a third son born here in the US and I was worried we would be separated. My American born husband was at his wit’s end. I was nervous dealing with the law firm but the lawyers and paralegals were so accommodating, and helpful. They all made me feel that everything will turn out good, kinda like mom telling us we will be okay when we are ill. They made sure I had everything needed and were very thorough with follow up and all that. When we finally filed after about 2 years of getting everything we needed, yes, it lasted that long, we had our big day. Our lawyer and paralegal were so understanding and had such a calming effect on us. Lo and behold, just barely a week after our interview, we received our green cards. No, I don’t think this happens all the time but it sure did happen to us. Chavez and Valko law firm, I sincerely give you my warmest thanks!”
    – The M. Family, Burleson, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “Thanks for the knowledge of the attorneys and legal assistants, our paperwork and immigration forms were adequately and timely completed without any errors….We know many others are continuing to experience the same professionalism my family has experienced.”
    – Chris R. and Family, Fort Worth, TX (Adjustment of Status)
  • “We would like to infinitely thank you for your legal advice, your professionalism and overall the quality of service that you present, in my opinion after having seen other places, what differentiates you is, that other than your work, for you it is a mission to serve your clients/people…we give you many thanks for making our way/road to the ‘American dream.'”
    “Queremos infinitamente agradecer su asesoria legal, su profesionalismo y sobre todo la calidad del servicio que Uds. prestan, en mi opinión después de haber visitado otros lugares, lo que los diferencia a ustedes es, que mas que su trabajo, para ustedes es una misión servir a su gente…les decimos mil gracias por hacer de nuestro camino al ‘sueno Americano.'”
    Luis and Candy M., Garland, TX (Adjustment of Status)

  • “Elizabeth and I want to thank you once again for the superb job you did today at the USCIS offices. We know ours was a simple case and we always felt confident that everything was going to be well, but today we were delighted by the way you handled our officer. He seemed to be very stressed when we first talked to him. Today we are very glad that we were able to find you to guide us through this always painful procedure. I will recommend your services to any immigrant I know who is looking to hire professional services. Thanks again.”
    “Muchisimas gracias por guiarnos en este proceso. Te deseamos muchos exitos.”
    Alex and Elizabeth S., Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status)

I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence with Advanced Issues

  • “By this short letter I would like to express my huge appreciation to immigration attorney Mr. Valko‘s commitment to resolve my daughter’s complicated case. We have been unsuccessful in making progress establishing her permanent residence status for many years. Thanks to Mr. Valko‘s hard work and his deep knowledge of immigration laws, he was able to get the attention of the Dallas immigration officials. He convinced them to change their interpretation of the law and correct my daughter’s classification. Because of Mr. Valko‘s involvement, Klaudyna and many people in her situation will be able to enjoy life and live normal life as US citizens. Sincerely, Nicole and Klaudyna.
    “Piszac ten list chciala bym wyrazic moja wdziecznosc dla adwokata emigracyjnego pana Valko, za jego zaangazowanie w prowadzeniu skomplikowanej sprawy mojej corki Klaudyny. Przez wiele lat nie,mimo duzych staran, nie bylismy w stanie zrobic postepu w skorygowaniu jej emigracyjnego statusu. Dzieki poswieceniu i doskonalej znajomosci prawa emigracyjnego, pan Valko byl w stanie zwrocic uwage Urzedu Emigracyjnego w Dallas na sprawe mojej corki. Przekonal ich o koniecznosci zmiany interpretacji przepisu prawnego i skorygowaniu statusu Klaudyny. Niespoykana postawa pana Valko przyczynila sie do tego, ze Klaudyna i wiele ludzi znajdujacych sie w jej sytuacji, bedzie w stanie miec przywileje i zyc normalnym zyciem jako obywatele USA. Bardzo wdzieczna Nicole i Klaudyna”
    Nicole O., Midlothian, TX (Misclassification of status in the I-751 context)

Citizenship and Naturalization (N-400) and Motion to Reopen Denials (N-336)

  • “Hello Mr. Chavez, I know I have already thanked you a 100 times, but here is number 101; Thanks in a million!!! Thanks to you, Mr. Valko, and Eduardo; I can now continue to live my life as a soon to be American citizen.
    The first time we spoke, I could tell that you were very sincere and caring; it’s more like you were heaven sent. I have contacted another firm prior to you guys, and I have never once felt any kind of reassurance. First of all they would not communicate with me without an initial consultation fee, second, the retainer fee was twice as much as yours, and it was just a living nightmare. They scared the living crap out of me, advising me that I should never return to work in Iraq because I will have problem coming back into the states, and I should prepare myself of being deported back to Jamaica, the list goes on and on.
    One week after you wrote the USICS on my behalf, I receive the good news that I would not be put in proceedings, 2 weeks later I was told to provide a date as to when I want to be sworn in as an American citizen.
    Sir, on the Behalf of my kids and my entire family, I would like to thank you once again for making me spending the rest of my life watching my kids grow and prosper on American soil, you guys are very professional and caring, thank you for your service, thank you for your time, you guys are considered number one in my book!
    Sincerely, the once worried Jamaica Dad”
    Mark A., Killen, TX (N-400; Intent to Deny)

  • I would like this opportunity to thank you and your exceptional professional staff for helping us with my parents’s citizenship process.You and team including Denise and Alejandra have been extremely patient, understanding, and courteous. It was not an easy case by any means but your attention to detail and professionalism made it a breeze.I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart on the behalf of the Leghari family.Thank you!Muhammad Leghari
    (N-400, Baton Rouge)
  • “THIS IS A BEST FIRM IN TEXAS, I hired Chavez & Valko, LLP in February 2012 to get my citizenship I had some issue in the past, before hiring Chavez & Valko, LLP I was with some another firm they did not do good to me at all they charged me outrageous I was really upset about that, then I meet with Mr. Valko he really helped me I really feel first time that I am in safe hands. My observations are. Great attitude, Excellent and fast service, Extreme knowledge of work, Great prices, and very neat and clean intentions. I got my oath and great thing I got a call from Mr. Valko that he is going to refund half of my money because my previous firm did not do anything good to me at all. Believe me these people are wonderful I checked almost every lawyer in this Dfw area no one is even close to these people, when you go will find out yourself they really into help not to cheat. Thank you.”
    – Tariq, Texas (N-400 Attorney Presence)

  • “I had a previous attorney that I had problems in communicating with him and was lazy in following up on my naturalization case. After 5 months I chose to look for a different attorney and I was lucky to choose Chavez & Valko law firm. As soon as I met with them and our attorney I felt very comfortable in letting them handle my case. They were very diligent and persistent and knew their subject very well, which helped me in obtaining my citizenship. They are also working on my wife’s papers and I am confident everything will work great as it did with my case. Finally, I do recommend this office, and their entire staff, as they were very helpful, efficient, detail oriented and pleasure to work with. They have my vote of confidence any time, and believe me do not waste your money, time, and effort with anyone else. You will get a peace of mind with them handling and working your legal issues.”
    Sam, Dallas, TX (N-400 Naturalization)

  • “Dear Mr. Valko, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and Chavez & Valko staff for the great service received during our consultations. Thank you for your assistance, your suggestions and directions during the naturalization interview process. Thanks for coming to the rescue during this critical period of my life.”
    Arun D., Dallas, TX (N-400, Application for Naturalization)

  • “I believe that anyone needing a Green Card, Citizenship, or having any immigration issues should use Chavez and Valko. Mr. Nick Chavez is the brightest and most professional attorney we’ve ever done business with. After being misguided and taken financial advantage of by another attorney, and my wife being denied citizenship after several years, we decided to try another attorney. We talked to several other attorneys that advised us not to pursue re-submitting for her citizenship. Then we met with Mr. Chavez. Unlike the other attorney’s we spoke to, Mr. Chavez spoke with words of encouragement and hope, so we retained him, and followed the course of action that he advised. In less than a year my wife was approved for her citizenship. There were no hidden fees, no delays, and no waiting to see or talk to Mr. Chavez when we had questions or concerns. He was always quick to respond, and was 100% accurate in all that he said. During the course of our professional relationship we have grown to deeply respect and admire Mr. Chavez. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what country you are immigrating from, my wife and I highly recommend you use Mr. Chavez and the Chavez / Valko Law Firm for your immigration needs.”
    Tready, Arlington, TX June, 2011 (N-400, Application for Naturalization)

  • “Mr. Valko and his team were impressive and efficient from start to finish. They have extensive knowledge and experience about immigrations law that made my journey becoming a US citizen short, flawless and successful.”
    Homero Rivas, MD, MBA, FACS Bariatric and Minimal Access Surgeon‎, Dallas, TX (N-400, Application for Naturalization)

  • “After working with immigration attorney Nick Chavez of Chavez & Valko, LLP, I highly recommend him for any immigration services. Thanks to him and his efficient legal team, I was able to obtain my citizenship after I encountered some difficulties. Mr. Chavez was always available, and he was extremely knowledgeable about the immigration and naturalization laws. I am really grateful for his help.
    Allan M., Dallas, TX (N-400, Application for Naturalization)

  • “Martin Valko and his team have been very helpful, answered all the questions I had…and more. I had lawyers before who gave me the runaround and were not very timely in their responses. you won’t have this problem with Martin Valko and his team. Besides, Valko is very easy to talk to, professional and funny! I will go back again if I need a lawyer in the future…hopefully not for anything bad!!”
    – Nabil E., Colony, TX (N-400, N-400, Application for Naturalization)

  • “My attorney Nick Chavez appealed my naturalization case. At the hearing, he made the appropriate arguments in support of my appeal. The government’s decision to deny my naturalization was overturned, and I was granted U.S. citizenship. I thank Chavez & Valko for helping me with my case. I highly recommend their services.”
    Edward K. , Fort Worth, TX (N-336, Request for a Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings)

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  • I am the General Counsel for a global internet security company. I have been working with Martin and his team for over three years on immigration matters including permanent residence, intracompany-transferee, investor’s, and H-1B matters. My experience has been outstanding. Martin or anyone in the firm always respond promptly and professionally. I usually work on very tight deadline and Martin and his team have always helped us achieve our goals. In my experience in comparison to working with other immigration lawyers, Chavez & Valko makes the complicated and burdensome process feel like a breeze. I would recommend Chavez & Valko to anyone who wants precision, promptness and professionalism.


    – Alexandra Albro, General Counsel, ESET

  • “I am a Human Resource Manager at a Fortune 500 company with over 100 locations in 12 countries. We have been working with Martin Valko and his employment-based immigration team at Chavez & Valko for almost 5 years and our experience has been great.


    Martin’s team handles all of our immigration and employer compliance needs, and to date has successfully completed over 150 matters. The cases include H-1B, L-1A, L-1B and TN petitions, the respective visa applications at consulates, PERMs, I-140 petitions, green card applications as well as applications for employment and travel authorizations. They are very professional, prompt to answer our calls and emails (even during holidays and weekends), and they navigate through the maze of complex laws with absolute ease. For example, with longer green card wait times, they skillfully prepared new labor certifications (PERMs) and petitions in the faster category so that several of our employees received their green cards sooner. The major advantage of working with Martin’s team over large national immigration law firms we used in the past is that Martin’s team is quick, efficient, and reliable and the end result is a great value to the company. I can call Martin or any other team member for a quick chat without having to schedule the meeting in advance, and I don’t receive an itemized invoice for such a call which is very important to us in this economy.”
    – Human Resources Manager at Fortune 250 Company – Steel industry, Irving, TX (H-1Bs, L-1A, L-1B, PERM/Labor Certification, TN visas, Employment-based “green cards” (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3), Employer compliance matters)

  • “My company retained Mr. Valko for filing my H1-Bs transfer, H4 extensions, AC21 portability and finally processing for a new EB-2 labor certification (PERM) with I-140 petition and recapturing my earlier priority date. My case was somewhat involved since there was a need to handle the CSPA scenario too for my elder daughter. Martin was extremely professional and knowledgeable in these areas and successfully got the Green cards for my family. The characteristic behavior that puts Martin above all other attorneys that I know of is that he understood and felt my concern and was accessible all through the process and patiently responding timely to all the queries which were more due to my specific scenario. I thank Martin and his great team for all their help, support, and guidance and the end result made me and my family extremely happy. Thanks a lot Martin and I really appreciate all your help.”
    – Brahmaji V. with Family, Irving, TX (Employee of Fortune 250 Company; H-1B porting; PERM certification, EB-2 priority date recaptured petition)
  • “My immigration case, a J-1 waiver of 2-year home residency requirement, was a peculiar one and therefore difficult. I am a researcher in the field of Nanotechnology and I needed to obtain a J-1 waiver so that I could stay here in the US with my husband and baby and continue my carrier and research work. I consulted and hired the services of 2 well know or major law firms in Dallas and even consulted a well know law firm in Washington D.C. that specializes in J-1 cases.
    This was one of the most painful experiences I had to deal with. I couldn’t get a hold to the lawyers assigned to my case (they will not return phone calls or emails); in several occasions I was given incomplete information and at times inaccurate. There was no feedback or answer to my questions but consistent reminders that I would not be able to succeed obtaining a waiver without their experience. The law firm in Washington, eventually refuse to take my case because they considered that my case had a low rate of success. I wasted one valuable year fighting with lawyers, trying to reach them and getting nowhere but frustrated.

    Finally I decided to move on and find a new law firm and when searching I read several reviews of the law firm of Chavez & Valko, LLP explaining how good, fast and professional they are. I consulted Mr. Valko and he was honest about my odds and explain to me how he will proceed if I were to hire his services. I did, and it was the best decision I made. Mr. Valko and his team are very professional, detailed and diligent. At all times I was extremely confident of their knowledge and work. Communication was always a priority; whether was over the phone or emails and visits. Although my case was difficult, at no moment Mr. Valko and his team refuse to work in my case, gave up or took it lightly.  It is because of their detailed and professional work that I was granted the much needed J-1 waiver and couldn’t be happier.  I completely recommend the law firm of Chavez & Valko, LLP because they will do their up most for you.”

    – Raquel O. & Family (J-1 2-year Home Residency Requirement Waiver – Exceptional Hardship)

  • “My company took the services of Mr.Valko for filing our H1-Bs initially and it was a smooth transition from my old H1 to the new one under Mr.Valko‘s expertise. They also handled the AC21 that was requested very efficiently. Couple of years later my company approved for my Greencard process and I had to get an EB3 to EB2 porting from my previous GC application. Mr.Valko and his team were extremely knowledgeable in this process and I got my I-140 interfiling done successfully and got my GC within 2 months of the interfiling. I thank their team and Mr.Valko in particular for being so accessible all through the process and deliver the results so perfectly. Thank you so much!”
    – Mansi D. with Family, Irving, TX (Employee of Fortune 250 Company; H-1B porting; EB-2 recapture priority date)

  • “Great experience working with Chavez and Valko on H1B. I work for a nationwide investment management firm and I worked with Martin Valko and his team (Luka Poulton) on my H1B visa. They are very knowledgeable and I am very satisfied. I plan to use their services for my future citizenship case and any other family related immigration case.”
    – Deepti Y., New York, NY (H-1B Petitions with H-1B Visas at US Consulate in India)

  • Chavez and Valko, LLP has been retained by my employer (A Fortune 500 company and a public company traded on NYSE) to handle immigration cases for its employees. Immigration attorney Martin Valko and paralegal Anya assisted with my H1b application. They also prepared my visa application at a U.S. Consulate in China. During the process I asked tons of questions and numerous emails had been exchanged. Each of them was answered promptly with satisfaction. Detailed instructions were given during the H1b application forms preparation process. My new H1b was submitted via premium processing and it was approved within 1 week. Before I went abroad for the H1b visa interview, I was informed of every detail of a visa interview process overseas. As a result, my visa interview abroad went through smoothly and successfully. Recently I was just informed by the USCIS that my new H1b expiration date has been extended for another 1.5 years. This was the result of a request from attorney Valko to the USCIS for correcting a mistake in calculating my H1b expiration date.
    Eric W. in California, employee of a Fortune 500 company (H-1B and Portability Provision § 106(c) of AC21 based on an approved I-140 Petition).

  • “With great expertise and persistence, Mr. Valko systematically solved any issues in my employee’s business immigration case. No obstacle was insurmountable and no complication was too complex for Mr. Valko as he approached every matter with precision and proficiency. If you’re tired of excuses and want success, I highly recommend the stellar law firm of Chavez & Valko.”
    Ann Powell, owner, Donruss Playoff trading cards and BibleQuest family products (O-1 Extraordinary Ability and TN Visa under NAFTA)

  • “I am a scientist at a reputed medical school in Texas and I needed to transition to a H1B visa. I had considerable delay in receiving my no objection letter from my country and hence was out of status. At this point I had consulted with Mr Valko on my situation. He was very patient and understanding and extremely proficient in offering legal advice. Once I did receive the no objection letter from my country he was kind enough to communicate with the administrative personnel in Houston to explain my situation and help speed up my paper work which further helped in my receiving a waiver letter from the state department. This was nothing short of a miracle for me. Mr Valko also was kind enough to communicate with the administrative personnel at my school to offer legal advice and the best strategy on handling my situation so that I could receive an approved H1B visa from USCIS at a timely manner. Thanks to Mr Valko I even did receive an approved H1B and now I am back at work. It may be a simple situation to people since it was just a transition to a H1B visa. But for me it has been a life altering experience. Had not Mr Valko helped me out so greatly and handled my case so proficiently I would have had to lose my job and give my scientific career that I had worked so hard to build over the past few years. So I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude to Mr Valko for his kind consideration in always being available to answer all my questions and offer suggestions but also in handling my case in a very smart, capable and extremely proficient manner.”
    – Priscilla J., (J-1 2-year Home Residency Requirement Waiver Advice)

  • “Great experience working with Chavez and Valko on H1B. I work for a nationwide investment management firm and I worked with Martin Valko and his team on my H1B visa. They are very knowledgeable and I am very satisfied. I plan to use their services for my future citizenship case and any other family related immigration case.”
    – D.R., New York, NY (Employee of a Global Investment Company; H-1B Petition with Nunc Pro Tunc Extension Request, and H-1B Visa.

  • “I started working with Mr. Valko about a year and a half ago. It was a very long process and I was surprised at how patient everyone was with me throughout all that time. Even when my case was put on hold and the whole process was slowed down even more. Everyone who worked on my case was very knowledgeable and friendly. All my questions were always answered quickly and clearly. I strongly recommend their services to anyone.”
    – Ivan I. and a National entertainment company, Los Angeles, CA (H-1B Petition)

  • Dear Mr. Valko,
    I would like to thank you for your handling of my H-1B specialty occupation work visa petition last year. The Chavez and Valko law firm’s attention to detail and quick communication turnaround was exemplary. I wish all attorneys’ services were this good (not just immigration). This is especially pertinent because for someone like me – a client with minimal awareness of quickly changing immigration regulations and laws, it’s tough to keep up while staying on top of my full time job. I had some follow up queries many months after completion of my service obligation with them, and you personally replied on the same day – I really appreciated your excellent comprehensive reply and so will other people. You are the specialists who know what they are doing, and I was very thankful for my company (a Fortune 500 company) to choose Chavez & Valko to represent me and the company itself. I would highly recommend immigration lawyers from Chavez & Valko, LLP to anyone looking for their immigration service solution.
    M. K., Dallas, TX (H-1B Employer Porting under AC21 and H-4 application)

  • Martin Valko is a very professional Immigration Lawyer with a very respectful team, he is by far the best I have ever known. He tries very hard to help any situation in which you might be in, he is a very honest man and will not give any false hope on your case. Our situation was very hard and most likely to fail, we needed a waiver given by Washington and Mr. Valko helped us all the way through. He knew how he could get us back working in the United States. In our case we were rejected and our investor visas were taken away and all because we went with a lawyer who tricked. Thanks to Mr. Valko we are back home and 8 months after being out of the country we got to meet him and be most grateful to him because we were back again in our home and with our children. Thank You Mr. Valko for helping us.
    Luis and Sandra V., McAllen, TX (E-1 Treaty Trader Visa with 212(d)(3)(A) Waiver for prior unlawful presence)

  • “It is my greatest pleasure to take this opportunity to thank Martin Valko and the law firm of Chavez & Valko LLP for the tremendous help in adjusting my immigration status. I was extremely pleased with the professional services your law firm provides for your clients. Not only my immigration petition [ EB-1, Extraordinary Ability Alien in Athletics] resulted in a very fast approval but I also received my Permanent Resident Card in a just a few months! Friendly attitude, family-like setting, and flawless process made my experience very pleasurable. I would absolutely be glad to recommend your services to other folks with immigration needs as I am sure they too will find your expert legal advice very valuable. Great Job! Thanks so much!”
    Libor Charfreitag, 3-time Track & Field Olympian (Sydney, Athens, Beijing), Dallas, TX (Slovakia)
  • “Martin Valko from the firm of Chavez & Valko in Dallas Fort Worth, is extremely efficient, knowledgeable and dedicated in the work he performs. We had no problems at all when applying for our L1 Visas. 90% of our communication was via email, because we started communicating while still in South Africa. Martin Valko is without a doubt a bright light in the immigration process. This process can be so overwhelming and a heavy weight on any one’s shoulders, but with Martin’s guidance the process just felt so much lighter. We were never in any doubt regarding Martin’s ability as an immigration lawyer. Furthermore, Martin does not only treat you as yet another customer, but has genuine interest in your case. We will definitely recommend the firm of Chavez & Valko to anyone who is considering expanding their businesses to America and applying for Visas. Martin you have a client for life, we will definitely use your services for our future personal and business visa needs! Thanking you,”
    – Monkeynastix Fort Worth LLC (L-1 Intracompany Transferee)
  • “Mr. Martin Valko,
    We would like to thank you for our E-2 status approval. After all, we did not believe that we ever could have this application turned around to be approved after 3 consecutive denials. It was your self-esteem driven by your professionalism who gave us confidence and assurance to continue with our application. We cannot thank you enough for all the effort and hours you and your team have spent to have our application submitted before cut-off date, to avoid further problems. However, you and your valuable team really helped us to stay focused and not to give up after all.
    Fair rates, professional service and top-notch expertise in Immigration law is what Chavez & Valko stands for, guaranteed!”
    – Johannes Winkler & Family, Extreme Hospitality, LLC, Dallas, TX (E-2 Petition)
  • “Mr. Valko and his team did an excellent job with my H-1B extension. They went above and beyond my expectations. My case required the full attention from Mr. Valko and his team given that I had very little time left under my previous H-1B visa. They submitted my LCA in a record time and provided follow up information to the USCIS within minutes of their request. Mr. Valko even offered to use some of his personal time to help me with the timely delivery of my H-1B petition. My H-1B extension was granted within the premium processing period. I would like to thank Mr. Valko for his deep interest in my case. I highly recommend the firm Chavez and Valko and look forward to working with them in the future!”
    Mynor G., Dallas, TX (H-1B Employer Porting under AC21 with a Nunc Pro Tunc extension request)
  • “Our L visa case history:After a very bad experience with our previous New York-based immigration attorney, we started looking for another one with experience in the immigration sector. We scheduled a meeting with Dallas immigration lawyer Mr. Martin Valko of Chavez & Valko, and asked him what he thought about our case.In April 2008 we received our L-1A Visa ( L-2 for the family) to establish a new office of our German Software Company in the US. Unfortunately we were not able to leave Germany before October 2008. In December 2008 we asked our prior attorney to apply for the extension of the Visa. He filed the application for the extension of the L1-A Visa in April 2009 (5 months later). Instead of answering the INS request for evidence (RFE), he tried to change the Visa application from L1-A into a L1-B. The US immigration denied the petition because we were not able to change the status for a filed petition. To do so, we would have had to file a new one. However, not worst enough, he told us not to leave the US and to stay during he was filing a petition for a B1 Visa to gain additional time to prepare a new L1-A application.Mr. Martin Valko took on our case. He told us that it will be difficult but he would try to rescue the case, thoroughly explained the case to us after his analysis of the immigration laws and regulations, and promised us to do the best. After he had all our paperwork, he and his legal team needed only a few days to prepare the new L1-A petition (L-2 for the family). We used the premium processing service of the USCIS, and we had our approval after less than one week!!! We then scheduled a visa appointment at the US Consulate in Berlin, Germany the following week, and our new L-1A and L-2 visas have been granted for a full one year!When searching for a good immigration attorney, you will find thousands of attorneys and all of them promise to be the best and to do the best work. After all this experience we can tell, that there are only a few really good immigration attorney out there and it is hard to find them. We found one of them and are proud of this work, and we can’t thank him enough. Mr. Martin Valko knows what he is talking about! He has a lot of experience in immigration law and his rates are absolutely fair. For all of those people in need of an immigration attorney, we recommend the law firm of Chavez & Valko in Dallas, TX.”
    Markus Vogt & Family, Provox Systems, Dallas TX
  • “I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much Everlight Americas, Inc. appreciates the service and advice we receive from Chavez & Valko. Over the past few years we have utilized your law firm for various employee requirements such as filing of H1-Bs, L1-As as well has EB-1 Green cards with the U.S. immigration services. Your law firm has always met our requirements in a very prompt, professional manner and we would highly recommend yourself and the firm to any company requiring visa assistance. Thank you and your staff again.”
    – Daniel D. Troutt, President, Everlight Americas, Inc., Carrolton, TX
  • “I would like to take the opportunity and thank Chavez & Valko for their assistance with our company’s employment-based immigration matters such as FM-3 visas, H-1B and I-140 petitions, and PERM labor certification which helped us accomplish our objectives. Their knowledge of immigration laws and regulations speak volumes about their team and allows us to have peace of mind when dealing with a multi-national workforce. I would recommend any global or domestic company with immigration needs to seek immigration counsel from Chavez & Valko.”
    Jaime Vega, Regional HR Manager for Northwest Pipe Company, Ft. Worth, TX
  • “We are infinitely thankful as a family to immigration attorney Mr. Martin Valko and his immigration team at Chavez & Valko LLP for their professionalism, knowledge, hard work and dedication in obtaining an 0-1/0-3 Visa for our family. Before hiring Mr Valko, we hired another local law firm which cost us unnecessary time, money, suffering, and overall a lack of faith in the Immigration legal system. After one meeting with Mr. Valko – our faith, hope and confidence was completely renewed. He is the ultimate professional and a true diamond/expert in his field. As well has having a very robust process in place to guide us through our application, Mr Valko kept the communication lines open through the entire process, managing our expectations, updating us on his progress and reassuring us along the way. This was tempered with quick responses to our emails/calls and lots of care and compassion from both him and his team – on many occasions he took calls after hours and weekends, proving to us that it is not all about the money with this firm – he has a genuine interest in his clients and will work relentlessly to achieve a positive result for them. Our own case provided quite a steep challenge for Mr. Valko, based on the Visa category that we were applying for – Mr Valko worked tirelessly and innovatively on our case and what could have taken up to 15 days to approve – came through in 3 days! Mr Valko called us personally after hours to give us the news!! If you have an Immigration requirement – this is the firm you need to contact – we don’t where you will find a customer experience on the same level that Mr. Valko provides. It has been an incredible journey and a truly life changing experience for our family.
    Thank you Mr.Valko for saving our family, may God richly bless you.”
    Paul M. and family, O-1/O-3, Alien of Extraordinary Ability in Athletics – Cricket Coach/Manager, Dallas, TX
  • Chavez & Valko renewed my H-1B for me when I switched employers recently. Everything was done very efficiently, quickly and knowledgeably. I intend on using them in the future and recommend them to others. They know the law as well as the practical side of working with immigration. I’ve used other attorneys in the past and this firm did a far superior job than others, and I felt like a had somebody advocating on my behalf through the entire process.”
    L. D., Dallas, TX ((H-1B Employer Porting under AC21)
  • “Prior to retaining C&V, I filed an L visa petition through another lawyer for an executive working for my company abroad. I needed this employee to direct my business operations in the U.S. My petition was denied. Afterward, I consulted with Nick Chavez who advised me on the strategies in making a strong and persuasive petition for my employee. Through his law firm, we filed another L visa petition which was approved. Not only did he obtain an L visa for my employee, but a year later he obtained his lawful permanent residence for him and his family. I definitely recommend the firm’s employment visa services.”
    Bobby Agrawal, CEO of AKSK Financial Corp., Dallas, TX

  • “Immigration lawyer Martin Valko has deep knowledge of immigration law. He is reliable, accurate and friendly. His exceptional work solved our legal problem when others couldn’t help. I will recommend his services to others.”
    Andrey Vasiliev, CFO, Advantage Data Recovery Services, Dallas, TX ( EB-2 Adjustment of Status)

  • “Your help in formalizing and completing the enormous amount of documents that were required by the Authorities for my visa was of great assistance. I have no doubt that the speedy approval of my L-1A visa was the result of a well executed submission by your law firm.”
    Alan Freimuth, General Manager, LAI Games, Carrollton, TX

  • “Over the past 2 years, we have used the services of immigration attorney Martin Valko and the firm of Chavez & Valko, LLP in all matters related to immigration law. Initially, Mr. Valko and the firm interceded for us with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office regarding our employee’s I-94 admission documentation, guided us through the process of labor certification (including audit) with U.S. Department of Labor, preparation of both – the H-1B and I-140 – petitions with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for an immigrant worker in our business. All work was handled in a professional manner and we were kept informed throughout the entire process. I have referred business associates and would certainly continue to recommend Mr. Valko and the firm to anyone seeking counsel in the area of immigration law.”
    Mike Rand, Principal of Processes Unlimited Int’l, Inc. (formerly Dean Oliver West/International, Inc.), Dallas, TX

  • “My attorney filed my paperwork [for an E-2 investor visa] with extreme professionalism.”
    Jean-Claude Fitoussi, Dallas, TX
  • “I had an excellent experience using Martin Valko as my lawyer for my green card based on employment (EB-3). He was very clear from the beginning regarding all the possible solutions and also complications for my case. The firm kept me informed all the time regarding my case. Martin is very knowledgeable on what he does and I will recommend him to anybody and I will use him again if I needed to.”
    – Sara C., Ney Jersey (EB-3 Porting)

  • “I would like to thank the C&V team for the successful consular investor [E-2] application we made to the American Embassy for my company and I to start its new operations in America.”
    John Newton, Dallas, TX (Australian “Franchisor of the Year”)

  • “I am very happy of the services received by this office and I highly recommend because I know that they are an office that is serious and honest.”
    “Estoy muy contento de los servicios recibidos por esta oficina y los recomiendo ampliamente porque se que son una oficina seria y honesta.”
    Clemente Z., Dallas, TX (Visa de trabajo y residencia permanente por medio del empleador)

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  • “My family and I arrived in the U.S. in 1984 as refuges from Iran. Soon after our arrival, we hired an attorney. After working with him for five years, he was unsuccessful at helping us. Consequently, we hired a new attorney only to face yet another unsuccessful attempt gaining a resident status. Prior to working with Mr. Chavez, we went through six attorneys, as our case was extremely complicated…. Even though several appeals had been made by our previous attorneys for a motion to reopen our case, they were always denied. We were being forced to do a voluntary deportation. Every year after the September 11th tragedy occurred, the immigration laws became stricter and our lives were impacted even more.

    Due to our status, we were slowly losing all of our rights. Before September 11, we had no trouble working and never had to check in with immigration but after, our lives were never the same.

    Due to these newly enforced laws we were under strict ICE supervision. We worked with the Chavez and Valko firm for a few years and through hard work, dedication, determination and devotion to our case, Mr. Chavez was able to reopen our case.

    Mr. Chavez was honest and open about everything pertaining to our case. He was thorough in his explanations regarding the steps taken with our case. They are a very organized firm and keep clients posted on every detail of their case.

    Because Mr. Chavez‘s perseverance and endless preparation of our case, we were granted our green cards after being in this country for over twenty five years.

    What separates Mr. Chavez from our past attorney’s is that he puts his heart into his work and is compassionate. He cares about his clients and he genuinely desires a happy ending just as much as we did. I recommend the Chavez and Valko Firm to anyone seeking legal residence. Having dealt with several other attorneys I can honestly say that they are the best!”
    – Sara F. with Family, Dallas, TX (Motion to Reopen to Board of Immigration Appeals, Termination in Court and Adjustment of Status with USCIS; Cancellation of Removal under Violence Against Women Act for a family member)

  • “Attorney and her assistant Eduardo Amaro of Chavez and Valko helped us keep our family together! My brother went through removal proceedings after being legally in the US for his entire life. Hiring an attorney out of state can be stressful and uncertain but after consulting with attorneys, she explained the preliminary steps. After her investigation she was able to tell us immediately that my brother had a chance to re-gain his residence. Eduardo made the process smooth for us, communicating the progress throughout the proceedings, via phone and e mail. They also communicated with my brother while in custody which was very reassuring. Eduardo were very professional and answered our questions in a timely manner. Attorneys was able to set a hearing and after two months, my brother went to his final hearing and regained his residence! I would like to thank Eduardo from the bottom of my heart for their tenacity, hard … Eduardo Amaro of Chavez and Valko helped us keep our family together! My brother went through removal proceedings after being legally in the US for his entire life. Hiring an attorney out of state can be stressful and uncertain but after consulting with attorneys, she explained the preliminary steps. After her investigation she was able to tell us immediately that my brother had a chance to re-gain his residence. Eduardo made the process smooth for us, communicating the progress throughout the proceedings, via phone and e mail. They also communicated with my brother while in custody which was very reassuring. Eduardo were very professional and answered our questions in a timely manner. Attorney was able to set a hearing and after two months, my brother went to his final hearing and regained his residence! I would like to thank Eduardo from the bottom of my heart for their tenacity, hard work and sincere willingness to help our family. They were in constant communication from the beginning until my brother’s release from custody. Their fees are very reasonable and allowed us to pay in two payments. I would highly recommend Valko for any immigration issues.”
    – Name withheld, Dallas, TX (Cancellation of Removal under section 240A(a) in immigration court)
  • “Dear Mr. Valko, Please accept our since appreciation and gratitude for your solid and persistent effort and representation that you and your law firm has fulfilled on our behalf over the last couple of years in correcting Natalia’s immigration status with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    We genuinely thought that our case was too daunting a challenge and insurmountable when looking ahead to navigating the important, yet intimidating, Immigration and Naturalization process present here in the United States. When we consulted with you in the beginning, we presented you with an 8-year old Legacy case from a different jurisdiction with plentiful uncertainty… . You analyzed Natalia’s immigration status and her situation after she was ordered deported, and without any guarantee of success of outcome, you agreed to take on the challenge of bringing our case up to current and lawful status… .

    During the two-year progression and through the entire legal process – reopening the previous removal proceeding, transferring venue, securing a joint motion to terminate removal proceedings, and adjusting Natalia’s status with the USCIS – you remained positive and confident in your abilities to navigate us through the challenges. You continuously encouraged us to remain positive and strong, even through the most difficult challenges, and you proved time and time again that your advice was truthful and correct. We have come to know and admire your truthfulness, sincerity, understanding and compassion. You are exceptional at who you are personally and at what you do professionally.

    We appreciate your professional knowledge and skill greatly, and we definitely extend a strong recommendation of your services to anyone seeking professional legal immigration assistance.

    Sincerely and with very warm regards.”
    Jeffery and Natalia C., Dallas, TX (Motion to Reopen after deportation; Change of Venue; Joint Petition to terminate removal proceedings; Adjustment of status with the USCIS)

  • My husband WAS detained in a detention center, facing the possibility of deportation. As of today, my husband is home, where he belongs, with the judge granting his cancellation of removal, and he was able to keep his permanent resident status here in the United States. Chavez & Vako kept in contact with my husband, as well as myself, on a regular basis, keeping us well informed and updated on our case. They were wonderful to work with, guiding us through this long and difficult process with such conviction and compassion, that they gave my family and I that peace of mind of hope and encouragement that everything will be fine. And it did!!! I highly recommend the law firm of Chavez & Valko to anyone with immigration matter(s). They are true professionals, and very respectful individuals. We are truly thankful for all of your hard work with our case. You were always available to us when we needed you, and made us feel very important. We are eternally grateful to you both. Please continue doing what you do because you guys really do change lives. You truly are the best!
    – Removal client, Dallas, TX (Cancellation of Removal of Lawful Permanent Resident)

  • “My family and I would like to thank the attorneys from the immigration law firm of Chavez & Valko LLP for the great work fulfilled in my immigration case which had a happy ending. I remember when I arrived at their office with my case, which I knew was very difficult to win, since the immigration law argued that a criminal case like the one I had was eligible for deportation and my options were minimal, and after having consulted with other attorneys from Texas, which informed me that I did not have any possibilities of recovering my residence. With their experience and great knowledge in immigration law, their perseverance and professionalism, they were able to win my case in my favor in Dallas immigration court (EOIR).”
    Cecilio & Family, Dallas, TX (Defense against deportation in immigration court with 212(h) Waiver and Cuban Adjustment)

    “A los abogados de la firma de inmigración Chavez & Valko LLP queremos agradecerle mi familia y yo por el gran trabajo que desempeñaron en mi caso de inmigración el cual tuvo un final feliz. Recuerdo cuando llegue a su oficina con mi caso, el cual yo sabia que era muy difícil de ganar, puesto que la ley de inmigración planteaba que un caso criminal como el que yo tenia era elegible para la deportación y mis opciones eran mínimas, y después de haber consultado con otros abogados de Tejas, los cuales me habían dicho que no tenia ninguna posibilidad de recuperar mi residencia. Con su experiencia y gran conocimiento de la ley migratoria, su perseverancia y profesionalidad lograron ganar este caso a mi favor en Dallas corte de inmigración (EOIR).”
    Cecilio y la Familia, Dallas, TX (Defensa contra deportacion en corte de inmigracion con 212(h) Perdon y Ajuste Legal de Cuba)

  • “I would like to personally thank attorney Martin Valkofor his outstanding assistance in my immigration case. He guided me through the entire deportation process (detention, bond, and trial what is called cancellation of removal for non-lawful permanent residents) and would encourage me to stay positive but they were realistic at the same time. This law firm is trustworthy and their rates are very reasonable. I would recommend all of my family and friends to seek the assistance of this firm for any immigration matter. I will be forever grateful to the Chavez & Valko immigration law team for their assistance; it is because of their professional assistance and experience that I am now a LAWFUL PERMANENT RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. My family and I can now move forward with our life here in the United States.
    Marco S. with family, Dallas, TX (Defense against deportation in immigration court – Cancellation of removal of non-lawful permanent resident in immigration court – EOIR)Me gustaria agradecer personalmente a los abogado Martin Valko por su destacado labor en mi caso de inmigracion. Me guiaron a traves de todo el proceso de deportacion (detencion, fianza, y juicio lo que se llama Cancelación de Deportacion para no residentes permanentes) y me animaban a mantener una actitud positiva pero fueron realistas al mismo tiempo. Este bufete de abogados es de confianza y sus tarifas son muy razonables. Yo recomendaria a todos mis familiares y amigos a buscar la ayuda de esta empresa para cualquier asunto de inmigracion. Estare por siempre agradecido al equipo de la firma de leyes de Chavez & Valko por su ayuda; es por su experiencia y asistencia profesional que ahora soy un RESIDENTE PERMANENTE LEGAL DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS. Ahora mi familia y yo podemos seguir adelante con nuestras vidas aquí en los Estados Unidos.”
    Marco, S. y la Familia, Dallas, TX (Defensa contra deportacion en corte de inmigracion – Cancelación de Deportacion para no residentes permanentes)
  • “Dear Sirs,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for representing me when I was facing deportation with the Immigration Department about a year ago. It is with gratitude that I am writing this letter today, had it not been for you guys I am not sure what would have happened to me by now.

    I want to thank all of you guys who spent a lot of time preparing me and my wife for this process; we would now look back and say that it was a rather interesting journey. I was very much overwhelmed with joy when the Immigration Judge granted me the opportunity to stay and be issued a green card which I can proudly state that I have already received.

    Based on my experience with another lawyer that I had earlier consulted since the immigration Department made the decision for me to leave this great country in 2006, I can attest that your law firm is the best in the whole of the Diaspora. I say this because when I was first denied citizenship in 2005 I consulted with an Immigration Lawyer who was quick to tell me he cannot handle my case. I was then shown another Lawyer and he proved to me that all he was really interested in was my money rather than show any genuine interest in my case. Upon receipt of a letter that stated that I was to leave this country, I and my wife then decided to look up a good and reputable immigration Law firm on the internet which was where we read about this Law firm. And from that point onwards you guys have educated me a lot about the Immigration process and it is with joy that I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for all the help you guys gave me at that very stressful time in my life especially so when I had only twelve days to leave this country.

    I would like to state that I would be very proud to recommend your firm to anyone I know who may be in need of any legal issues that is dealt with by your Firm. On behalf of me and my wife I would like to say thank you once again to all of you.

    Yours sincerely

    Mambu J Koroma”
    – Mambu Koroma, Dallas, TX (Adjustment of Status in Immigration Court)

  • “I am very happy with all that they helped me with immigration. Thank you for representing me and for being kind on all this time that they have advised in the court of immigration.”
    “Estoy muy contento con todo lo que me han ayudado con inmigración. Gracias por representarme y por ser amables en todo este tiempo que me han asesorado en la corte de inmigración.”
    Pedro C., Dallas, TX
  • “I left my country because of war for America, and my request for asylum was denied by immigration judge in Dallas several years ago for not having enough evidence. The first lawyer who handled my case first lost all of the supporting physical evidence, and later made major mistakes during trial. He refused to transfer the case for appeal to another lawyer.

    I changed lawyers following advice of a friend. He supposed to save what was left incomplete by the previous lawyer. Unfortunately, the second lawyer wasn’t better because I ended up with a deportation order. I didn’t receive the deportation letter which was send trough the second lawyer who vanished because he had his own legal problems. He told my son before he disappeared that when my son was US citizen I could apply for my green card. When I went for green card interview, I was arrested and sent to Haskell detention facility.

    My entire family was devastated and didn’t kwon what to do. We found Mr. Valko in the yellow pages and we didn’t know anything about him. According to my family, he first listened to my case very carefully and gave us his strategy. The family wasn’t confident at the beginning at all because of the previous experiences with Dallas immigration attorneys. But Mr. Martin Valko is a special man, he knows how to listen, what to say and how to proceed. He was very concerned during the time we had our case handled by him and always gave us feedback on time.

    Mr. Martin Valko never showed any sign of fear or despair, he worked honestly, clearly and seriously. He explained to my family how he planned to get me out detention, and then how to get my case reopened. It was difficult because I was already ordered deported, and was waiting for a flight. He succeeded and got me out of detention while the motion to reopen deportation proceeding was pending. Mr. Valko also convinced the immigration attorneys to ask the immigration judge to reopen the case, which he did. We call this miracle and well done job. Mr. Martin Valko cleared all the mess which was around my files. He got my case terminated in immigration court and I went with my son and Mr. Martin to another interview for my green card. He finally finished by helping me getting my green card.

    We will never have enough words to thank Mr. Valko for his professionalism and his commitment during all those hard time. Our family is deeply grateful and proud to know him. Mr. Valko‘s experiences make him a great lawyer. We cannot finish this note without also thank the all team who work also so hard to get the papers work on time, and found the crucial information for winning the case, thank you guys…
    God bless you all.”
    Mrs. Lea M. & Family, Texas (Application for Stay with USICE, Motion to Reopen after Deportation, Termination of removal proceedings, Adjustment of Status with USCIS)

  • “I was in great need of finding an immigration law firm that wouldn’t give up fighting to keep me in the country close to my family, friends and congregation. At Chavez & Valko I found the help I needed and I am very pleased with their success. My family, friends and congregation are thankful for the great job performed. I am convinced of their professionalism and recommend Chavez & Valko to everyone with immigration needs.” dieran por vencidos peleando “Yo estaba necesitado de encontrar una oficina de abogados de inmigracion que no se para mantenerme en el pais cerca de mi familia, amigos y congregacion. En las oficinas de Chavez & Valko encontre la ayuda que necesitaba y estoy muy satisfecho por el exito obtenido. Mi familia, amigos y congregacion estamos agradecidos por el buen trabajo realizado. Estoy convencido de su profesionalismo y se los recomiendo.”
    -Pastor Jose Romero, Rockwall, TX (Application for Stay of Removal, Application for Temporary Protected Status, Motion to Reopen after deportation, Appeal to Board of Immigration Appeals, Petition to the Fifth Circuit of U.S. Court of Appeals)
  • “I have had an excellent service with Chavez & Valko. My attorney that I had did an excellent job on my case. And in the future I will use there service again.”

    Recibí un excelente servicio con el bufete de abogados Chavez & Valko. El abogado que me asistió hizo un excelente trabajo en mi caso. Y en el futuro yo usare de sus servicios otra vez.
    Mr. and Mrs. A, Dallas, TX (Criminal analysis, testimony at criminal trial and communication with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents)

  • “After knocking on many doors without success, we finally found great lawyers willing to do the best they can to fight our immigration case with faith and persistence. Immigration attorneys Nick Chavez and Martin Valko won our case.
    “Despues de buscar ayuda sin obtenerla, finalmente encontramos buenos abogados dispuestos a hacer todo lo necesario para pelear nuestro caso migratorio con fe y persistencia. Los abogados de inmigracion Nick Chavez y Martin Valko ganaron nuestro caso.”
    Jairo Garcia, Dallas, TX

Contact Chavez & Valko today regarding your deportation defense matter.

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“Mr. Chavez I cannot THANK YOU enough for helping us in reuniting our family. The WAIVER you completed for my husband was EXCELLENT. We will forever be grateful to you and your professional staff. I knew from my first consultation that you were sincere about helping your clients. You are an example of what a great attorney is. I HIGHLY recommend your law firm to everyone.“

– Elizabeth C., Crowley, TX (I-601 Waiver of inadmissibility in Cd. Juarez, Mexico)

“I am the General Counsel for a global internet security company. I have been working with Martin and his team for over three years on immigration matters including permanent residence, intracompany-transferee, investor’s, and H-1B matters. My experience has been outstanding. Martin or anyone in the firm always respond promptly and professionally. I usually work on very tight deadline and Martin and his team have always helped us achieve our goals. In my experience in comparison to working with other immigration lawyers, Chavez & Valko makes the complicated and burdensome process feel like a breeze. I would recommend Chavez & Valko to anyone who wants precision, promptness and professionalism.”

– Alexandra Albro, General Counsel, ESET ESET

“My husband WAS detained in a detention center, facing the possibility of deportation. As of today, my husband is home . . with the judge granting his cancellation of removal, and he was able to keep his permanent resident status here in the United States. . . The law firm of Chavez & Valko was wonderful to work with, guiding us through this long and difficult process with such conviction and compassion, that they gave my family and I that peace of mind of hope and encouragement that everything will be fine. . . I highly recommend the law firm of Chavez & Valko to anyone with immigration matter(s). . . Please continue doing what you do because you guys really do change lives. ”

– Removal client, Dallas, TX (Cancellation of Removal of Lawful Permanent Resident)

“My family and I would like to thank the attorneys from the immigration law firm of Chavez & Valko LLP for the great work fulfilled in my immigration case which had a happy ending. . . the immigration law argued that a criminal case like the one I had was eligible for deportation and my options were minimal. . . With their experience and great knowledge in immigration law, their perseverance and professionalism, they were able to win my case in my favor in Dallas immigration court (EOIR). I would like to give special thanks to the law firm of Chavez & Valko, who was with us at all times giving us support, security and great optimism.”

– Cecilio & Family, Dallas, TX (Defense against deportation in immigration court with 212(h) Waiver and Cuban Adjustment)

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