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Employment Immigration and Green Cards

Green Cards Through An Employer

Dallas, Texas — Fort Worth, Texas

If you have studied to learn a skill, or have received an opportunity to work in the United States, you deserve every chance to fully realize your career goals. And if you are an employer and have the opportunity to grow your business or enhance its competitiveness, you deserve to be able to pursue business objectives free of obstacles and roadblocks.

At the immigration law firm of Chavez & Valko, we have helped many individuals and numerous U.S. and Texas businesses achieve their employment immigration law goals.

Are you interested in working in the U.S. or extending your current employment in the U.S.? Do you represent a business that wishes to hire short- or long-term employees from overseas? Contact Chavez & Valko at 214-251-8011 (Dallas area), 817-332-1100 (Fort Worth area).

Types of Employment-Based Immigration

There are five categories of foreign national workers that may seek lawful permanent residence. The categories are referred to as “employment-based” classifications, or “EB”. With offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, the legal team of Chavez & Valko, can help individuals and businesses obtain all types of permanent immigrant visas and immigration documents, including:

Have you graduated from college and are interested in remaining in the U.S. to travel or work? Are you currently working here on a temporary work visa and would like to obtain a green card? We can provide experienced representation.