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Court Representation & Bond Hearings

Our immigration attorneys provide representation in bond hearings in immigration court. We analyze our client’s case to determine if the detainee qualifies for a bond, even when the judge and immigration service assert otherwise.

A foreign national subject to deportation may be detained during immigration court proceedings. If the detainee qualifies for a bond, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), the immigration enforcement agency, sets a bond of an amount determined to ensure that the detainee will attend court proceedings. USICE may also decline to issue a bond considering the person’s immigration or criminal history.

If the detainee cannot afford to pay the bond or the amount is considered too high, the detainee may request that an immigration judge re-set or re-determine the bond to a lower amount. The immigration judge will then review the detainee’s equitable factors, including family, employment ties, and the availability of immigration relief, to determine whether the grounds for mandatory detention are justified.

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